Case Study Email Verifier

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David:Case Study

David Saves Time, Money, Manpower resources and Increases sender reputation Using Email Verifier.

The customer:

Client: David

Location: Phuket, Thailand

Industry: IT (Startup)

The Challenge

David needed higher value email list which helps in the email marketing campaign to avoid to go in spam box/ bounce rate.

The Solution

Hir Infotech provides Email Verifier Tool that instantly validates the email list and ensures that an email address exists in real-world without ever sending a message.

Verifier tool features:

  • Email Syntax
  • Identify Role Based Email
  • Export with Filter
  • Handle Bounced Messages
  • Timeout Setting
  • Any mistyped or invalid email addresses


  • Increase Email Campaign Performance by Focusing only on REAL Prospects
  • Overcome deliverability problems by removing these types of addresses directly from list.
  • Reduce Bounce Rate By 98% and generate high-quality sales leads.
  • Verifier doesn’t have any limit so David can process thousands of email addresses.
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