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  • We focused on helping our clients succeed, and in turn, we succeeded in differentiating ourselves from our competitors and not only survived but have thrived through for more than two decades.
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Email Verifier

  • Clean and verify emails using Email Verifier Tool
  • At Hir Infotech we have accumulated a list of several thousands of customer and prospect emails over the years in our CRM. As you might have experienced, after a while the quality of an email database decreases as people change their company or jobs, organizations change their name, mail servers are shut down, etc.
  • A large pharmaceutical company turned to Bridge when it wanted to optimize its old email database and improve email marketing. The customer database could not be used efficiently due to invalid and high-risk email addresses.
  • Our robust email verification technologies can instantly validate email addresses in real-time at the point of capture or on an as-needed basis through batch processing. Maximize your ROI, preserve your sender reputation and ensure your e-mail blasts are delivered on time with our comprehensive email verification solutions.
  • Reduce email bounce rates and improve data quality
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Web Data Scraper

  • Hir Infotech helps the scrape data from different business directories. You will get both code and data from us at affordable prices.
  • Web crawling and web scraping solutions have made their way into many present-day industries.
  • All the organizations have realized the importance of insightful data for business growth, but are often skeptical about the possibilities with data on the web and more so about acquiring relevant data sets. To explore opportunities with structured data, here’s a compilation of use cases we cater to frequently.
  • The principal objective of our client to be a Metasearch engine for machine auctions and be a market leader in the same by scanning through as many types of machinery offers possible all over the Internet, whether old or new, to enable customers to buy best products at lowest prices.
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Lead Generation

  • How We Increased Sales Qualified Lead Generation By 355%
  • Just to be up front, this is not a best practice blog post. I merely wanted to share my story of a recent lead generation campaign, with the hope it might be useful for marketers running similar campaigns.
  • Advanced Technology Equals Real Estate Lead Generation
  • Are you tired of experts talking about the newest and best real estate lead generation methods?  Here are real-life examples of how to get more leads
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