General FAQs

Yes. Extracting the data from publicly available sources on the web is legal.

We take our customers privacy very seriously. We don’t put our customer names and logos anywhere on the public domain without their approval.

The cost depends on several parameters but basic website start from 250 USD.

The cost depends on several parameters like:

  • The number of websites (More websites, more discount).
  • The number of records (More records, more discount).
  • The number of depth level, we have to go to extract the desired data.
  • Website’s structure, HTML/Flash/Javascript/Ajax/Java Applet
  • If the website blocks the IPs
  • If it asks for CAPTCHA verification.
  • How fast the site responds. Basic start from 100 USD.

Our Project Managers are available throughout the working hours over Skype, phone, and email.

We accept the payment via PayPal and Bank Wire Transfer.

If you would like to know more about our web scraping & data extraction services, please e-mail us on inquiry@hirinfotech.com or fill the form.

We have a generous referral program for all of our existing customers. Get up to $100 credit for every friend you successfully refer and use that to pay for our data solutions.

Yes! In fact, our offerings are also classified based on volumes. We will also be happy to work out attractive discounts in case your monthly data volumes are expected to be in millions.

Technical FAQs

We can deliver the data in most common formats like CSV, JSON, XML.

Yes, we have system components in place to overcome IP blocking.

The monthly maintenance and monitoring fee covers technical support, overheads in maintaining the data pipeline and related infrastructure as well as fixing the crawlers in case a target site undergoes structural changes.

We are developing custom solutions and do not have specific software that can be demonstrated. The final deliverable would be data files in a format that you may specify. The best we could do is to share sample data from past projects that are similar in nature.

Very Simple

Step-1: You suggest a website, from where we are required to extract the data.

Step-2: Analysis by our expert team members. Best quote and Time frame.

Step-3: Approval by the client to start the project.

Step-4: Project start; extract desired data, data formatting, cleaning, quality check.

Step-5: Final output data delivery & feedback from the client.

It again depends on above-defined parameters.

Yes, we can extract the product data, images and pricing from the sites you suggest to us.

Yes. We can schedule the process on our servers and extract the data on the schedule you suggest us. And deliver the final output, via email.

Yes, our pricing plan is based on crawling frequency. Volume charges may increase based on the number of records we deliver, which may be directly related to the crawl frequency.