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Our Team

We’re a dedicated, highly skilled group of professionals who have been involved in the Hir InfoTech for delivering superior product and service to our customers. Our sole focus is on making our clients’ businesses run as successfully as possible.

Key Executives

Founder & CEO

As CEO of Hir Infotech, Brijesh is playing a key role in business strategy planning, execution and sales management. Brijesh holds a Master’s degree in Information Technology from GTU. Brijesh has more than 5 years of experience in web scraping, Data Mining services, and solutions. His passion for entrepreneurship brings him into a new adventure. As a leader, he cares deeply about organizational development, his teams and the individual careers of his people. He is a complete team man & believes in the power of the collective force of a team with quality work.

VP Human Resources

As VP of Human Resource of Hir Infotech, Hiral is playing a key role in Developing Team and HR management. Hiral holds a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from GTU. Hiral is equal parts coach and strategist, meticulously balancing the needs of the company and its most valued asset: people.
With wide experience leading Hir Infotech’s HR department, Hiral has helped to maintain and enrich Hir Infotech’s unique culture through its most robust period of growth to date. She is a firm believer that “the people make the company” and Hiral works hard to hire and retain the talent that makes Proponent great.