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Having a business online is a great way to create a broader market for your products. However, the same extended outreach comes with an immense level of competition. There are thousands of E-commerce sites in all product sectors. Hence, a retailer needs to plan pricing strategy carefully. Smart retailers find ways to analyze the prices offered by competitors to understand the overall market value and gain a competitive edge online.

Price scraping is one of the most popular trends in E-commerce to track and analyze prices offered by competitors using web scraping.

  • Track Product Pricing

  • Get Info of Offers and Trends

  • Know About Market Demand

  • Decide Product Pricing Strategy

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Competitive Price Analysis

Scraping product, prices and stock information from an e-commerce competitor’s websites is one of the real business use of web scraping. And most of the e-commerce companies rely on web scraping software’s for price comparison and uses this technique to compare their price to find out if they are offering the best price in the competition or not. And then strategic planning to increase margin-profit.

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