Benefit Of Using Big Data In Real Estate Data Analysis

  • 08/06/2022

With the advent of big data, predictive analytics can now be used to determine the value of virtually anything, from a pre-owned automobile to a piece of artwork. Historically, the real estate industry has had difficulty in analytical forecasting due to the large number of factors that are involved. The following is a list of some of the most common data points that are utilized in the process of determining the value of real estate:

  • Amenities within a short walk
  • Locations
  • Options for public transportation exist.
  • Rental revenue
  • The proximity to the nearest airport
  • Numbers of rooms and bathrooms in the overall space

An Alternative to Predicting Prices: Gathering Necessary Information

If you construct an Excel page for each property on your list, you may wind up with 25 to 100 data points. Big Data allows us to perform predictive analytics and model this problem to address it. Models can be trained on any number of characteristics’ data points. Then, one can create estimates on present or forthcoming real estate developments.

Each commercial and residential structure is analyzed separately to ensure accuracy. Remember this. Predictive real estate analytics is most often used for property appraisals, although it has additional applications.

Monitoring Long-Term and Short-Term Rental Yields

As recently as a few decades ago, long-term rentals were the norm for both commercial and residential properties. Companies like Airbnb and WeWork have changed the landscape. For a few hours or a few days, you may now rent a hot desk or a conference room. Renting a house or a single room for a few days is a popular alternative to booking a hotel stay. You’ll need to take into account both short- and long-term rental yields before purchasing a home in this new location. Using big data analytics might help you get a better handle on the actual numbers you’ll be able to achieve.

Determining Insurance Premiums

Due to several factors, calculating homeowners insurance can be complex. It’s not as simple as looking at the crime rate, the number of burned-down homes, or the flooring material. When valuing property in the current day, one must include climate change and natural disasters like flooding, storms, and wildfires. All of this can only control by looking at data and adding more data points.

Improving the Global Consequences of Development Projects

To make money, more than just people and businesses need to look at real estate data. When determining what to build and where it should be located in order to benefit the local population, governments and organizations typically use data analysis. With this, you can respond to inquiries like —

  • What are the best locations for a new school?
  • Cities that need a public transportation system like a metro rail
  • How far away from urban areas should commercial structures like malls be?
  • Which public spaces should become parks?

Marketing Strategies Enhancement

When trying to sell a home to potential buyers or investors, you’ll want to use predictive real estate analytics data to show them the larger picture. Unless you’re interacting with the dataset, these points won’t be visible. There’s nothing stopping you from providing a market assessment of a new property by comparing it to similar ones. A building or brokering real estate, big data analytics can help you better understand the market and the assets you have at your disposal.


Choosing a home in today’s real estate market is dependent on a plethora of data. Firms like McKinsey & Company are releasing papers like this one on the use of data in real estate analytics (both traditional and non-traditional). Only those who use data will be successful in such a world, especially in the face of quickly changing economic indicators like wars, epidemics, and changes in the financial markets.

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Frequently asked questions:

What is the benefit of big data in the industry?

Because automated tests are inherently more reliable than human tests, using big data manufacturing minimizes the requirement for an absurd number of tests. This saves a tremendous amount of money and makes it possible to conduct tests that are both more significant and more detailed.

How do customers benefit from big data?

Big data enables excellent customer service. Since online reviews, social media, and other online mentions of a brand can be used to gather customer feedback, businesses can use this information to better the overall customer experience.

What is the average growth value of real estate?

It was predicted that India’s real estate market would expand by 11.2% annually between 2015 and 2020, compared to a 10% annual growth rate between fiscal years 2010 and 2015.

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