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It’s one of those phrases that any consultant worth their salt will have in their vocabulary… and Process automation. But what is process automation? What are the benefits? Why do you need it in your business? Interesting Read: What is process automation? At its most basic level, it is using technology to automate business […]

Ever wondered how a search engine comes up with the exact results when you type something in its query box? After all, there are trillions of results matching your search query. A fascinating process is at work behind it, something you would be very interested to learn about. Also, understanding how the search and index […]

Data mining isn’t a new invention that came with the digital age. The concept has been around for over a century but came into greater public focus in the 1930s. According to Hacker Bits, one of the first modern moments of data mining occurred in 1936, when Alan Turing introduced the idea of a universal […]

When compiling this year’s Pizza Power Report, three themes kept appearing again and again: quality ingredients, technology, and the youth culture. Consumers are increasingly insisting on the freshest, healthiest ingredients, a trend is driven largely by younger segments of consumers, who also demand the highest technology available to facilitate ease of ordering and delivery. But, […]

Sentiment Analysis is performed by splitting the text into individual entities such as phrases, words, or sentences. After this, the related topic to each word is identified and the score is assigned. What is the Sentiment Analysis? In short, it helps identify the feelings of the customers using emoticons, texts, or images. It helps data […]

What Is Web Scraping? Web scraping is the process of extracting and storing data into your local machine. You can extract any amount of data from a website and store it in your system at ease. You can export them as a CSV file which gives you the flexibility to transpose and drill down the […]

What Is Web Scraping? Web scraping is the process of extracting data from a website or another source of information. Instead of waiting for long hours to copy-paste information, the 2020 edition of data extraction requires only a few minutes to scrape an entire piece of information. Web scraping is great. It functions on the […]

Data is a crucial asset that will continue to unfold the way businesses engage with potential prospects. Today data is the only factor that can strive for a brand to engage in the way their potential prospects expect from them. Data doesn’t just provide a solution to brands on the prospect’s exact needs, it also […]

Web scraping is the process of extracting data from a website or other source of information. The action is conducted because data isn’t that easily available. The online platform has pools of information that may or may not be easily accessible. Data that is accessible however cannot be downloaded. Interesting Read: What is Web Scraping: […]

What is Web Scraping? Web scraping is the process of extracting data from a website or any other source of information in the form you would like such as CSV, XML, and much more. For instance, say you want to improvise in the way you want to launch your new product. Having data that gives […]