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It’s time for the blockchain revolution. Blockchain technology has transformed business operations and customer interactions over the last ten years, and its potential is only now starting to be realized. We will probably see a substantial movement towards blockchain over the next few years, at least by 2023, as more organizations attempt to capitalize on […]

Since analyzing information is the same as performing data analytics, the word is not new. It has been practiced for many years in a variety of sectors, and it is now being applied to business. Predicting or having insight into the future is the main goal. Business data and analytical insights are the most sought-after […]

Businesses must deliver great customer service in order to prosper in the current economic climate. They must be quick to comprehend and respond to customer shopping behaviors in order to do this. Businesses require a complete, unified perspective of their consumers in order to appropriately analyze and respond to customer behavior. Why does that matter? […]

For the past 7-8 years, big data and data lakes have been popular buzzwords in IT. And increasing amounts of evidence imply that its adoption has been a huge success. Businesses now define their internal company objectives and benchmarks using data. Additionally, it takes care of the externals as well, including the interaction between the […]

Even while the concept of big data has been there for some time, it has only been in the past two years that people have begun to pay attention to it and make an inventory of all the data. According to research, businesses only assess 12% of their data, which does not come close to […]

Numerous issues in the business world are being resolved through big data. Enhancing relationship development is one of the big data’s main advantages. It discussed the advantages of utilizing big data to improve client connections. It claims that there are numerous ways big data may support the development of consumer relationships. The cost of supply-chain […]

A major goal of practically every business is to increase labor productivity, and personnel in the marketing industry, in particular, must find ways to manage their increasing workloads. Sadly, recent years have seen a slowdown in the increase of productivity. Data from the BLS show that productivity actually decreased in 2016 for an unidentified reason. […]

Big data permeates every aspect of modern life, from banking and sports to eCommerce and healthcare. Official statistics support this notion as well: The big data market is predicted to reach a value of more than $57 billion by 2020. The industrial sector is prepared to participate in the big data explosion, given its competitive […]

There are many applications for modern location data and location-based solutions in today’s society. They can provide us with step-by-step instructions to help us find our way through unfamiliar surroundings. Through digital mapping, they can guide us through a vast event center or venue. They can also offer additional in-depth information, such as how long […]