Bring New Heights To The Traveling Consumer’s Retail Experience

  • 17/10/2022

The goal of the travel industry should be to deliver customers to their destinations in a prompt and hassle-free manner. Travelers, in contrast to shoppers in traditional retail contexts, are more likely to adhere to rigorous timelines in order to catch their flight or train at the appropriate time. As a result, industry leaders in travel retail are working toward the goal of creating a hassle-free shopping experience within their stores, one that shortens the number of time customers spend in line at the register and decreases the anxiety associated with a busy travel day. But what if there was no need for customers to go through the checkout process at all?

No checkout, no problem: Bringing hassle-free shopping to the world of travel retail

The Just Walk Out technology from Amazon, along with Amazon One, gives travel businesses the ability to provide their customers with a buying experience that is comprehensive and hassle-free in-store. The Just Walk Out technology brings a new level of convenience to the shopping experience. This technology was made feasible by a mix of computer vision, sensor fusion, and deep learning. Guests need only enter, select what they desire, and then exit the establishment.

Customers are able to enter stores that are enabled for Just Walk Out by either entering their credit card into the entry gate, utilizing a QR code generated by a smartphone app or simply hovering their palm over an Amazon One device. When entering a store, customers can utilize Amazon One, a quick and contactless payment method that allows them to pay with their palms. Guests who have never used Amazon One before can sign up for an account at an enrollment kiosk in a matter of seconds, pass through the entry gate, and pay with nothing more than the palm of their hand for the items they take.

Checkout Procedure

When they enter the store, customers have access to all of the necessary items on the shelves. The Just Walk Out system acknowledges what they took and adds it to the shopper’s virtual cart as soon as they leave the store. Anything that is placed back on the shelf will have it removed immediately. The credit card that the traveler has either placed into their Amazon One ID or linked to their Amazon One ID will be charged after they have left the store for the items that they have taken with them.

Because the checkout procedure is now automated, personnel in the store are free to concentrate on providing customers who are traveling with a pleasant experience while buying. They will be able to devote more time to assisting tourists in locating the items they require, providing answers to their inquiries, and refilling the shelves because they will not be responsible for handling the checkout line or processing payments.

The majority of retail operations, such as the entry and exit experiences, the post-purchase customer experiences, the pricing of items, and the payment options, are all up to the discretion of the retailer in Just Walk Out stores. The system is flexible enough to meet a wide variety of store designs and fixture requirements, as well as new store construction, retail renovations, and prefabricated environments. The technology makes it possible to have alternatives for flexible integration based on the retailer’s vision for the full shopping experience of the customer.

Final Lines

Both the Just Walk Out technology and Amazon One are supported by the security, dependability, and years of steady operations and experience that Amazon has accumulated. Before selling the technology to merchants in other verticals, Amazon spent several years testing and refining it in its own store environments, including Amazon Go, Amazon Fresh, and Whole Foods Market locations. During this time, the company was able to collect valuable feedback.

Innovative leaders in travel retail are embracing checkout-free technology in order to bridge the convenience gap between themselves and their customers. Companies that implement this technology make it simpler for customers to purchase last-minute travel necessities before the last boarding call, which benefits customers immensely.

Frequently asked questions:

What do you mean by travel retail?

To an untrained observer, the business of catering to shoppers while they are in transit may appear to be something similar to a cottage industry. This is a conclusion that, until very recently, was not an entirely incorrect assessment. Travel Retail is essentially the business of catering to shoppers while they are in transit. 

Is travel retail an industry?

The duty-free and travel retail industry is a global one that focuses on the retail sale of products to people who are traveling internationally. On the premise that the items are only sold to travelers who will take them outside of the country, sales at duty-free stores are exempt from taxes as well as excise duties and are therefore tax-free.

What do retail travel agents sell?

Clients rely on travel agents to plan and schedule their trips, as well as provide information about the tourist destinations and activities available in the country of departure. They may sell airline tickets, book accommodations, tours, and attractions, perform ticketing, and process payments. Additionally, they may be able to accomplish all of these things.

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