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When Should You Use Data Analytics vs Business Intelligence?

Big data affects and helps businesses make decisions in the tech-driven world of today. Data is king, whether in higher education, government, or…
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The Benefits of Data Analytics for Your Business?

Having both structured and unstructured data makes it hard to understand it and get the useful information out of it. Currently available technologies…
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Competing with Lead Generation Sites Using SEO

When someone in San Francisco searches Google for "home expansion cost," five of the first ten results will be from sites that generate…
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Social Media Scraping, Website Scraper

How to Scrape Data from Social Media Websites for Brand Audit

While web scraping has been on the rise for many years. Its uses and applications have grown with time. This can be attributed…
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What Is Data Mining? | Web Crawling, Data Mining

What is Data Mining? and how can it help Your Business?

Far too many companies that I consult with sit on loads of good customer data…and do nothing with it. It’s truly amazing because…
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How Alternative Data can help in the Finance industry

How Alternative Data for Finance can boost your business?

The finance industry has long used data as part of its operations. Investments can be a risky business after all, and data can…
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