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The Most Common Misconceptions Related to Web Scraping

Web scraping has a bad reputation since it can be used for unethical purposes. Web scraping, however, can also be used for good!…
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How is a headless browser useful for data extraction and web scraping?

You've probably heard about headless browsers if you're working on any web data extraction projects. Perhaps you're unsure what they are or whether…
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GDPR Update: Scraping Publicly Available Personal Data

The idea that GDPR does not apply to scrape public personal data is a popular one. Many companies falsely assume that data that…
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How Can Scraping Car Leasing Websites Help You Compete?

Many companies are still unaware of the effectiveness and benefits of scraping vehicle leasing websites. Harnessing the power of this strategy can provide…
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The Primary Elements That Determine a Web Data Scraping Service’s Price

The act of copying and pasting data is only one component of the process known as "scraping" data from the internet. That is…
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How To Gather The Right Data For Cryptocurrency Prices Scraping?

As the use of digital currencies becomes more widespread, cryptocurrency price scrubbing is growing in popularity. Since its introduction into the world of…
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