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Benefits Of Putting Web Scraping At The Core Of Your Business Strategy

You're beginning to consider the most practical way to carry out these key strategic plans. There is a data trend emerging from all…
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What Role Can Big Data Play In Boosting Your Online Store’s Profits?

There are many marketing reports available online, but there are always some that are somewhat more valuable. These are the reports that might…
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How Web Data can Support The use of Dynamic Pricing in your Business

Businesses, and especially those involved in e-commerce, stand to gain a great deal by adopting dynamic pricing strategies. Developing pricing strategies, adjusting to…
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Strategies for Achieving Success in E-Commerce Web Scraping

Most people would probably say yes if you asked them if they regularly explore e-commerce websites and marketplaces. Few people, meanwhile, are aware…
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Why We Shouldn’t Save Our Scraped Data in MongoDB

Scrapinghub initially utilized MongoDB to store scraped data due to its convenience. The scraped data is represented as (potentially nested) JSON-serializable records. The…
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Tips for Managing Your Dynamic Pricing with Web Data

Web data and dynamic pricing are two key variables that affect online businesses. Dynamic pricing refers to a rate that changes depending on…
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