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Benefit Of Using Big Data In Real Estate Data Analysis

With the advent of big data, predictive analytics can now be used to determine the value of virtually anything, from a pre-owned automobile…
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Web Scraping for Content Marketing: What You Need to Know!

A successful content marketing plan may help you shape your company's identity, attract audiences' interest, and keep the readers you already have. According…
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Several Ways That Web Scraping Potentially Benefits Affiliate Marketers

The marketing industry is one that is always changing and expanding as a result of the digital revolution. But if I told you…
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Why Is Data Visualization Important And What Does It Implicate?

Visualization is the act of placing information into a visual framework, such as a map or graph, to make data simpler for the…
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Process of Data Mining: A Practical Guide

The technique of data mining can be thought of as a powerful analytical tool since it enables the user to personalize a wide…
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Impact of Data Mining on Marketing Research

The success and expansion of many businesses can be attributed, in part, to the use of online market research. In simple terms, online…
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Data Parsing: What It Is and Why It’s Important in Today’s Market

Data parsing involves formatting unstructured data. Data parsing involves adapting a string of data to current demands. If an institution wishes to assess…
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How does an API for News Work?

Using an API request, a News API enables you to rapidly and simply access unstructured news data in an organized manner. A new…
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what is big data technology

Big Data: 4 Features and Its Big Impact on Business

Big Data in Business leads to a large set of unstructured and semi-structured information collected from multiple sources. The sources are customer contact…
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Today, We Launched Managed LinkedIn Lead Generation Service

We are hugely excited to announce that Hir Infotech now provides a Managed Linkedin Lead generation service. That guarantees B2B organizations 200–250 warm…
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