Competing with Lead Generation Sites Using SEO

  • 14/07/2022

When someone in San Francisco searches Google for “home expansion cost,” five of the first ten results will be from sites that generate leads for businesses.

According to my interactions with the owners of lead generation companies, they are completely preoccupied with search engine optimization (SEO). Lead generation companies exist to collect the contact details of customers and business owners so that these details can be sold to other businesses. They eat, sleep, and think about it; it permeates every aspect of their being, and their fervour serves as their most potent weapon.

Therefore, how are marketing teams supposed to fight with such a formidable opponent? Participate in the activities that they like to do the most.

Why generating leads is effective

Lead-generating companies have high revenue. HomeAdvisor ranks high for “house expansion cost” This website charges $75 per lead and sells each to three contractors. Name, address, email, and phone cost $225. VadaliaRental charges $28.99 per month for access to these leads.

After keyword research, content development, and backlink building, a lead-generating company’s costs are cheap.

Contractors accept lead-generating companies’ high prices for three reasons. First, they’ll need money. Second, they can’t produce leads themselves. Third, each lead is examined before being sold to determine the inquirer’s real interest. This strategy eliminates tyre kickers.

How it has become so successful

These business owners often despise and distrust pay-per-click advertising, and they rely almost entirely on organic search results to create the leads that they then sell to customers. Pay-per-click advertising is a controversial form of online marketing.

When it comes to developing and advertising organic content with the goal of gaining traffic and leads, they mostly use the following strategies:

  • Build extremely lengthy, keyword-rich, information-packed articles that include tables, photos, and links to external websites with high domain authority.
  • It is imperative that the contact form be placed above the fold.
  • Focus on high-traffic, low-competition terms. Spend time on Ahrefs, Moz, and SEMRush to identify intent-heavy keywords other companies missed.
  • Always be linked to other websites, both externally and internally, and focus on backlinking domains in order to improve Trust Flow.
  • Develop content for the top and centre of the funnel with the intention of providing internal links to the primary sites that are responsible for lead creation.
  • Never allow a hit to any website to go to waste; always make sure you do all in your power to obtain contact information from visitors.

How to beat out the lead-generating firms and come out on top

Find keywords that get a lot of traffic yet aren’t very competitive. The term “dog groomers,” which receives 86,000 monthly searches in the United States, requires at least 123 high-quality links in order to rank on the first page of Google’s search engine results page (SERP).

The phrase “dog groomers near me” would be a better choice as a keyword. There are 89,000 monthly searches for this, and it only takes six high-quality links to get to the top of the search results. That’s exactly what did; the page now has 19,000 monthly visitors.

Successful lead generation organisations I’ve dealt with first examine the SERP for a potential term. Google’s results Which sites have chosen this keyword, and what do they desire from each visitor? Would this result’s first page be profitable?

Second, link long-tail keyword blog content to the primary product or service page for SEO. Lead gen firms have one shot to impress, so pitch hard to gain their contact info.

Work with an SEO copywriter who can balance Google’s needs with written sales. Smaller companies may find the cost of hiring a writer scary, but compare it to PPC.

Third, update Google whenever your website changes. Comparatively, the search engine giant tends to process results swiftly.

Build quality backlinks on high-domain-rating. com-type sites,.gov, sites for national companies, but only target 3rd party sites whose content relates to your products and services. Localize your content and develop a Google My Business presence for area companies.

SEO experts advise companies to target high-volume, low-competition keywords. Their success proves it. But that’s not all. Buying intent is as vital as keyword winnability for lead-generating sites.

Frequently asked questions:

How does SEO help in lead generation?

SEO boosts web traffic. Lead generation increases your business’s clients/potential clients. SEO can boost lead generation by increasing organic website traffic.

What distinguishes lead generation from search engine optimization?

SEO generates organic traffic to your website, whereas lead generation focuses on generating sales leads. SEO relies on search engines to send visitors to your site.

What is SEO and how might it benefit my company?

Search Engine Optimization. SEO optimises your internet presence. The more people who see your website, the more online traffic you get and the more people you can sell to.

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