Data Mining for Flight Data

  • 20/09/2022

Now that the world has become a global village, flying to any domestic or foreign destination is simpler than ever. Since air connectivity has significantly increased throughout time, it is now simpler for travelers to schedule flights to destinations that weren’t previously accessible. By 2026, it’s anticipated that the worldwide aviation market would reach $303 billion.

Scraping flight information from famous online travel agency (OTA) websites can be a great approach for associated businesses to advance and expand given that air travel is predicted to continue to develop. The entire process of gathering flight data is quite convenient. 

Why is Flight Data Scraped?

Millions of tourists book flights on well-known OTA platforms. The information scraped from OTA portals can be useful in a variety of ways, whether you are a competitive OTA website, a travel agent, or a trip planner. The information can be utilized to learn about popular vacation locations, obtain the most recent flight schedules, pricing range, information on new airlines, and more.

Here is a thorough explanation of the applications for flight data scraping:

Improved Customer Focus

You may gather user reviews and ratings from OTA platforms using web scraping. You can enhance client experience and provide the best options based on this information to increase your sales. This creates a fantastic opportunity for companies involved in aviation and travel to scrape flight data and gain insightful knowledge about customer trends and behaviors.

Analysis of Price

Nowadays, airlines utilize sophisticated software and algorithms to instantly change flight fares in response to supply and demand. Real-time flight prices can be obtained using a web scraping service, enabling you to develop a pricing structure for your consumers that is more precise.

This information can be utilized to design unique tours and packages and to develop pricing plans that are superior to those provided by the majority of other platforms.

Market share analysis

Analyzing flight data that has been scraped will also give detailed information about the market share of various airlines. If you are a travel aggregator, for example, the market share study will assist you in choosing the best partners for your company.

By supplying new goods and services before your rivals, you may take advantage of the first-mover advantage and learn more about the new flights being introduced by various air carriers.

Resource Allocation

Let’s imagine you just launched your OTA or travel portal website. You anticipate an increase in bookings throughout the upcoming Christmas season. You can find insightful information about what to anticipate around the holidays or other busy times by scraping previous data from well-known OTA platforms. Based on this information, you can better plan your resources to make sure you can provide each consumer with a top-notch experience.

What may OTA websites be scraped for?

The following data fields can be extracted from OTA platforms:

  • Carrier Name
  • Flight number
  • Changes in flight schedule
  • Total number of flights
  • In-flight facilities
  • Airport information
  • Flight duration
  • Number of stops
  • Total cost
  • Seating arrangement

You can either target every one of these data fields or just the ones that are most important to your goals. Data is given after being put through a number of quality tests by web scraping services at Hir Infotech. These are some instances of using this information:

Dynamic Pricing Strategy Total Cost Data

Real-time price data can help you undercut competitors. Use total cost data from competitors to gain market share in price-sensitive markets. To choose an effective and dynamic pricing strategy, evaluate pricing patterns across markets and times.

In-Flight Facilities

To be competitive in low-price-elasticity markets, track in-flight amenities from multiple carriers.

Industry Overview

These data points might help newcomers comprehend the commercial aviation business. A new entrant might choose routes and pricing, and marketing tactics based on data-backed market and sector trends.

Find Direct Flights

Data can help carriers find high-stop routes to add more flights. Such direct flights may offer business expansion opportunities.

Web Scraping Flight Information to Improve Your Travel Agency

In order to take advantage of the enormous potential of online flight booking services, new OTA platforms are routinely introduced. Due to the fierce competition created by this, you should seek out novel strategies to develop your travel-related company. Web scraping can help your company stand out from the competition.

Hir Infotech can assist you in learning more about the activities of your rivals and leading airlines by letting you personalize your scraping operations. The real-time scraped data will also keep you informed about consumer preferences and trends in the aviation industry so you can adjust your operations to reach more customers and expand your business.

Frequently asked questions:

What are flight API data?

Advance Passenger Information is what this is (API). You will be informed of any requirements by. Usually, when you check in or book your flight, they will ask you for these details. If you have any inquiries concerning API requirements, get in touch with your airline.

What are some uses for flying data?

Airlines can recognize, evaluate, and get rid of operational risks with the help of flight data monitoring. This can be utilized to streamline procedures and facilitate a variety of aircraft airworthiness and operational safety activities.

What information do airlines gather?

Airlines collect and analyze flight data pertaining to each route’s distance and altitudes, aircraft type and weight, weather, etc., utilizing AI systems that have machine learning algorithms built in.

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