Email Append: Reviving Extinct Leads for Further Use

  • 12/12/2022

Many of the customers with whom we have spoken have leads that they have generated after spending a significant amount of money, but these leads have been collecting dust in CRMs or spreadsheets for a considerable amount of time simply because they lacked an email address and were therefore of little use in the customers’ email nurturing campaigns. It is common to obtain leads for potential customers from conference lists, purchased business lead lists, downloads, and other lists. However, most of the time, after the initial contact or call that does not produce immediate results, these leads fade into the background simply because they do not contain an email address. While it is beneficial to call potential customers and qualify them over the phone, Before the leads that are not yet ready for sales are regarded as sales-ready, they should go through a nurturing process in which they are contacted repeatedly and at regular intervals. Only then will they be considered to be ready for sale.

However, since the email address is frequently the most important data point for carrying out this process, leads who do not have legitimate functional email addresses are typically eliminated from the cycle unless you make use of an appropriate email append service that is optimized for your needs. You are able to breathe new life into leads that, in the absence of that action, would just end up withering away in your CRM database without serving any useful function if it weren’t for the fact that you can give them new life by running a simple email add-on to these entries. The process typically consists of two steps: first, identifying the missing email address, which can be done by conducting research (which is more efficient but slightly less accurate) or by using a calling-based method (which is more expensive but very accurate); then, conducting an email verification process, which ensures that the end results are valid email addresses regardless of the method that was used to initially identify them.

In spite of the fact that carrying out the procedure can, at times, be time-consuming, the achievement of the intended objectives more than rewards the effort, and doing so ensures that you will make the most of the data that you have available to you. If you discover that you have an abundance of records and leads that are not currently being nurtured, you may try sending out an email and adding the solution to give them a new purpose if you find that you have an abundance of these types of records and leads lying around. They have the potential to become your next consumers.

Frequently asked questions:

What is the goal for appending in an email?

To “append” something means to “add as a supplement,” which is the definition of the word “append.” Email appending is a marketing tactic that involves employing near-real-time validation to determine whether or not an email address belongs to the most recent version of a customer or prospect’s account. Or plugging a hole in the database where an email address has been missing until now.

What is contact appending?

The process of enhancing the database with fruitful business relationships is known as contact appending. It might include things like your present job title, name, and so on. The Contact Appending Services adds many contacts of important decision-makers working within a specific company.

What is Address Append? 

To “attach” something is what “append” means. In other words, address append inserts address information to the list of phone numbers or email addresses that you already have.

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