Guidelines For Preventing Web Scraping Bans And Blocks

  • 16/01/2023

Knowing how to do web scraping without being blocked is crucial for getting the greatest results from your data extraction effort.

Scraping blocks can be activated in a variety of methods, but they are typically used by websites to impose usage restrictions on visitors.

Scraping Bans: An Introduction

Unexpectedly many factors can result in scraping bans and blocks. You can read more about the strategies employed, particularly by the significant e-commerce websites.

Several likely causes for scraping blocks include:

  • Other “humanity” tests and captchas
  • Ways of human observation, such as mouse tracking
  • IP blocking, geofencing, and TCP/IP fingerprinting
  • Canvas fingerprinting and WebRTC

In addition to managing these strategies, a thorough anti-ban web scraping solution will alert you to any scraping blocks it comes across so you can take the necessary precautions to prevent widespread scraping bans later on in your campaign.

Using Proxies to Avoid Block Errors and Enable Web Scraping

Web scraping with proxies is possible without block problems or long-term bans. Your IP address is hidden behind a proxy, allowing you to access the same website repeatedly without being blacklisted.

You are able to continue web scraping even if any one proxy address is blacklisted since you can continue to connect via other IPs. This prevents temporary bans from turning into permanent bans.

Proxy servers enable you to connect to the same website several times from different IP addresses, which is the most basic justification for why they are crucial for anti-ban web scraping efforts.

Without a proxy, you would establish connections between 10 and 20 times per second from the same IP address, which is quite simple for servers to mistake for automated scraping and will immediately block your connection.

Using Proxies to Avoid Blocking Web Scraping

It’s an effective proxy administration tool that enables you to easily offload the admin from managing your proxy pool, which is frequently one of the most time-consuming (and consequently expensive) phases in the process.

Without spending the extra money, you may build anti-block web scraping campaigns that will give you faster, better results from your online scraping without block problems or other administrative difficulties.

In the end, it’s a web scraping anti-ban solution that prioritizes revenue in order to provide a much more streamlined admin without the additional expenditures of running some other proxy platforms.

Alternatives to Block Error-Free Data Extraction

Web scraping without making ban mistakes is a difficult task. Targeting websites with authentication and detection features that aren’t as advanced can often be a quicker and simpler strategy, and this is especially true if you’ve chosen to use data extraction tools in order to run your campaign on your own. If this is the case, you may find that it’s in your best interest to focus on websites in this category.

You will be able to construct your dataset more quickly and with fewer block errors that need to be worked around if you scrape data from sources that are publically accessible. If you feel that it would be beneficial to add those websites that have more effective defenses in the future, you may always do so.

Frequently asked questions:

Can you get blocked for web scraping?

When you scrape a website on a wide scale, the website will eventually stop you from accessing its content. You will find that you are directed to captcha pages rather than regular web pages.

What are the rules about web scraping?

If you are merely gathering data for your own personal use and study, then scraping websites is both legitimate and ethical. If you want to publish the data that was obtained, you will need to ask permission from the people whose information was taken and verify the policy of the website. If you do not do these things, you will be in violation of the laws that protect personal data.

What are the ethics of web scraping?

Here are a few ways to make sure the web scraping procedure is totally ethical and transparent: If a public API is available, use it instead of scraping the data directly if it has the information you need. To prove your identity, run your data through a user agent string.

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