Many marketers and developers rely on manual research methods like Googling for customer preferences and market research trends. However, these methods are frequently time-consuming and exhausting, especially when prepared to work.

Fortunately, there is a quick and easy approach to discovering more about the market: software shops like Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store data scraping. You may learn what drives industry growth, what consumers want, and what increases conversion rates by scraping data from the app stores.

What Is Data Scraping from App Stores?

Data from app stores can be sorted and stored in a database or spreadsheet using app store scraping. App store data scrapers automatically extract information from app stores and add it to your database or spreadsheet in place of hiring staff to gather app names, costs, ratings, descriptions, and reviews. It means they can acquire more data in a matter of seconds than a person can in a matter of hours!

Here is a breakdown of how an app store scraper operates:

Using settings to restrict the apps, such as industry keywords, the total number of reviews, and the publishing date, users construct an app store scraper. A scraping bot uses these criteria to find apps to scrape data from. A scraper extracts pertinent information from the app store and stores it in a database or spreadsheet.

Why Should You Scrape Reviews from the App Store?

Companies acquire data from the app store for a variety of purposes, including gaining a deeper knowledge of what customers want and gathering information for new projects. Here are the main justifications for harvesting app store data:

Improved understanding of customer preferences

Extracting reviews from an app with thousands of them will help you understand more of what consumers are saying about it.

It’s not enough to know how many customers have given you five stars versus one star, as app shops provide rating breakdowns. To determine the needs of the users, you must comprehend what the reviews’ users are saying.

You need a scraping solution to examine these evaluations by extracting them from a spreadsheet or database for further analysis. To gain more data insights, you can then employ advanced data analytics techniques.

Data gathering for upcoming applications

You may get data for upcoming apps with the aid of our app store crawler. Your data scraper can give you the following information on the newest mobile games in accordance with the loaded parameters:

  • Price
  • Reviews
  • Title
  • Ratings 

Then, you may make use of this information to create a strong game concept and name. You will be able to identify what will appeal to your target audiences with the assistance of the extracted reviews, ratings, and price data.

Newest trends

As a final option, you might use an app store data scraper to monitor market trends. It will be easier for you to find better keywords, concepts, and links for your products and website if you know what’s trending.

What Should You Consider Before Extraction of App Store Reviews?

You must consider what you want to extract from the data before you scrape it. It would be helpful if you specifically thought about the following:

Does specific app store page What sector or industry is the app store sites you’ve chosen from? What would you like? Are they suitable for your needs? To gather popular links and terms for photography websites and apps, for instance, you must scrape data from photography apps. Otherwise, you won’t receive pertinent information.

Popularity on the app store page: If the apps you’ve chosen only receive a few reviews, they might not be worth your time. Instead, extract well-known apps that contain more than a thousand ideas. The ratings and evaluations of these apps will give you a clear understanding of what users want and how this sector operates.

Frequently asked questions:

Is data scraping from mobile apps possible?

Users can gather data from iOS and Android apps running on smartphones and tablets thanks to mobile app scraping technology. Mobile solutions provide users with an option to access similar internet services they can access from their PCs on the go in the age of complete digitalization and rising mobile markets.

Any website can be web scraped, right?

Some websites permit scraping, and some that do not. You should add “/robots.txt” to the end of the URL of the website you are targeting in order to see if it supports web scraping. In this situation, you must check the website that is specifically designed for web scraping.

What are the three different kinds of scrapers?

There are four basic kinds of scrapers, and they all function in various ways. The four types of scrapers are pull-type, elevating, single- and dual-engine wheeled.