How Can Web Crawling Help Your Company?

  • 02/06/2022

Web crawling may be beneficial in a variety of commercial applications. You or your team are probably working on ongoing research projects or minor tasks that pop up now and then. You may manually search internet for random information, but what if you need to extract specific data from multiple websites?

A manual online search can take a long time and make mistakes, and you might miss some important information. A custom crawler-powered application may be a helpful tool for reducing the amount of time it takes to extract relevant material. This frees up time for you to evaluate and analyze the data and put it to use for your company.

What is Data Crawling?

Data crawling is a data extraction strategy that gathers data from the internet or other resources. Although this is frequently done, it is not the only method.

Here are a few instances of how web crawling can used by businesses.

1. Social Media and News Monitoring

Is there anything your team should be reacting to that your consumers have placed on other sites that you aren’t even aware of? A web crawler might keep track of what people say about you and your competitors on news sites, industry forums, social networking sites (like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and others), and other places. This type of data might be really useful to your marketing team in terms of using sentiment analysis to maintain tabs on your company’s image. This might assist you in learning more about your consumers’ impressions and how you compare to your competitors.

2. Information that is Competitive

Are you looking at the competition to see what they’re charging so you can make sure you’re not overcharging? Consider observing how your competitors market their goods to clients. You could set up a web crawler to find that information and send it to you, so you could focus on analyzing it instead of looking for it. If you’re not already doing so, you should consider doing so.

3. Lists of Targets

Entity extraction from webpages may be done using a crawler. Assume that an automobile organization has to contact all vehicle dealerships and manufacturers in order to advertise services or industry events. A crawler may be set up to crawl websites that contain relevant company listings, extracting information such as addresses, contact names, and phone numbers (if available) and storing it in a single, searchable repository.

4. Generating Leads 

What extra revenues may you be able to generate if you had better, faster access to that data? Staffing and job placement firms, for example, are good examples. They may go out to those firms and assist them in filling those vacancies when they know which companies are hiring. They may want to crawl the websites of important or target accounts, public job sites, job groups on LinkedIn and Facebook, or forums on sites like Quora or Freelance to identify all new job listings or information about organizations seeking assistance with various business needs. Capturing all of those leads and delivering them in a useful way will help you create more revenue.

5. Pricing and Availability from Suppliers 

You’re probably traveling back and forth between suppliers’ websites to evaluate offers, pricing, and availability if you’re buying something from many sources. Comparing this data without having to go from website to website might save your company a lot of time and ensure that you don’t miss out on the greatest bargains!


In short, crawling is a way to get information from the Internet that is in need for a variety of reasons. Crawling is a useful technique for companies like E-commerce, online marketplaces, and indexing websites, as shown in this article. Businesses of all types utilize crawling to watch prices and conduct market research to stay competitive. To be honest, data crawling has an infinite number of applications. Without a doubt, we eagerly anticipate your new and innovative ideas!

Frequently asked question:

What does website crawling imply?

A web crawler is a type of Internet bot that aids in the indexing of websites. They index a website page by page until every page is accessible.

What is the purpose of a web crawler?

A web crawler is a sort of bot that search engines like Google and Bing use to explore the internet. Its mission is to index the content of websites all across the Internet so that they may be found in search engine result

What is limiting crawling?

Its first objective is crawling, but it must ensure that it does not harm the user experience. The “crawl rate limit” sets the maximum rate at which a site can get information.

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