How Do E-Commerce Sites Use Web Scraping To Extract Product Data?

  • 14/06/2022

Differentiating prices has long been a tried-and-true tactic for growing a customer base and fostering brand loyalty. Given that roughly 87 percent of Americans think that price is the main consideration when making an online purchase choice, the effectiveness of this strategy is not surprising. In addition, 17% of consumers say they evaluate costs from two or more establishments before making a purchase.

The fierce competition between numerous e-commerce platforms, however, has expanded beyond pricing in the current environment. Product data now plays a central role in everything, from sales strategy to inventory control. The information acquired from diverse sources gives you all the weapons and artillery needed to win the e-commerce warfare.

And how do you use this knowledge to your advantage?

Web scraping is the solution.

Web scraping gives you a bird’s eye perspective of price information, market circumstances, popular trends, your rivals’ strategy, and the difficulties they confront. As a result, positioning your goods with the aforementioned factors in mind will provide you with an unfair advantage over your competitors.

Let’s look at how web scraping may help you get started by extracting product data from e-commerce websites.

Benefits of extracting data from e-commerce sites for your business:

1. Price Reduction

The primary focus of information gathered through the scraping of e-commerce sites is still price optimization and comparison. This function is used by everyone, including Amazon and eBay, to monitor the competition. It compiles information from many sources and gives it to the business owner so that he or she may examine pricing trends and set a fair price for their goods. Price optimization increases e-commerce store earnings, as is widely recognized.

2. Superior Lead Generation

Effective marketing is responsible for a company’s expansion. However, the company must produce leads for its marketing initiatives to be successful. High amounts of data may be gathered by web scraping, which will then start lead creation. It can swiftly and correctly generate lead data because of its surgical accuracy. Additionally, this data will be in CSV or comparable formats, making it simple to handle or incorporate with other applications.

Large-scale data extraction and product data scraping challenges:

1. Changes in Site Design and Layout

A web scraper is based on the organization of the website. This structure is prone to change, and it changes too frequently, which can be a problem for web scraping businesses. The style, architecture, and structure of an e-commerce website may make it challenging for bots to browse, whether on purpose or owing to sloppy coding standards. All of these developments demand time and effort to keep up with.

2. Implementation of Anti-Scraping Technologies

Websites may employ a variety of security protocols and tactics to thwart any attempts at scraping. Some of these methods include user-agent validations, content rendering with JavaScript, and content copy prevention.

3. Use of Special Elements

The responsiveness of websites may be improved with contemporary design components. However, it creates a compromise since web scraping gets more challenging. Design features add complexity, which can occasionally impede or slow down effective data scraping.

The introduction of dynamic content that uses transitions like lazy loading pictures, displaying more info, and endless scrolling makes it challenging for the scraper to read the data in addition to these contemporary components.

Frequently asked question:

What is e-commerce scraping?

Web scraping gives e-commerce platforms access to user evaluations and feedback data that may be utilized to improve current items or provide specially designed new products depending on customer needs. 

Is web scraping for commercial use legal?

United States: As long as the data being scraped is accessible to the general public, and the behavior is not harmful to the website being scraped, there are no federal laws against web scraping in the United States.

Can you web scrape without API?

Web scraping would let you obtain the information in these cases as long as it was accessible on a website. For instance, since Amazon does not offer an API for you to access this data, you may use a web scraper to retrieve product data information from Amazon.

Can Excel do web scraping?

When you configure Excel for web scraping, you’re building a “web query.” In order to access the internet and retrieve the data-containing web page from a web server, this query needs a web URL. The tables that are present on that page are removed by Excel once it analyses the incoming HTML.

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