How Do Web Scraping and Data Mining Differ?

  • 06/10/2022

Data Mining

Data mining is a technique for finding patterns in datasets using different machine learning techniques. With this technique, data is gathered in a variety of formats and used for numerous things. Its goal is to gather information from desired websites and organize it into understandable frameworks for later use. This methodology has several different components, including pre-processing, taking inference into account, taking complexity into account, metrics of interest, and data management.

Web Scraping

Web scraping, often referred to as data gathering and data extraction is the process where desired web pages are used as the source for data collection. With the help of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol, scraping tools and programs can browse the World Wide Web, collect useful data, and extract it in accordance with their users’ requirements. The data is downloaded for later use to your hard drive or kept in a central database.

Data Scraping vs Web Mining: A Distinction

This point should make it quite obvious how those two words differ from one another. But let’s state it more plainly.

Web scraping is the process of gathering and organizing data from online sources in a more usable way. There is no data validation or processing necessary.

The technique of looking through enormous data sets for patterns and vital information is known as data mining. It is not necessary to extract or process data.

Data mining does not aim to extract data. The datasets needed for data mining may be created through web scraping.

Sometimes both data mining and web scraping are required

Web scraping and data mining are not synonyms; rather, they signify very distinct things to different people. However, this does not imply that you must pick one option over the other in every circumstance.

Web scraping is likely to be the only method available to acquire credible data for mining in the majority of cases. In addition, you may utilize data mining to extract more value from data that you have scraped in the past, and that has already fulfilled its intended function.

How does data mining made possible by web scraping?

Data supply is the key link between web scraping and data mining. By compiling all of the text and visual material from numerous websites, web scraping can produce extremely rich data sources. The primary data categories that web scraping makes possible for data mining applications are listed below:

1. Market information:

Commercial data about e-commerce firm owners or brands that offer an online shop is a frequent use case for web scraping, which enables data mining. To gain business intelligence, web scraping can gather data on product descriptions, costs, features, stock levels, colors, ratings, and reviews, among other things. Web scraping can gather information about services, such as airfare costs, ticket pricing, and freelancer rates, in addition to items and products, from all the websites you target.

2. News and blogs:

As a data mining technique, natural language processing has made text data a valuable asset. Web scraping is a quick and effective method for gathering written material from the internet. It has the ability to scrape full articles, tables, images, and links that are included in these articles. It can target specific websites or the top search engine outcomes for a particular keyword.

3. Posts on social media:

On average, there are 1000 posts on Instagram, and almost 9000 tweets on Twitter sent in a single second. Depending on your industry, a sizable portion of this excellent and expanding content may be applicable to your company. In the data of what people say online, web scraping can target specific phrases and hashtags that are significant to your organization. This information can show whether your competitors are more active on social media, whether customers are saying good things or bad things about your product, and other insights into recent trends.

Frequently asked questions:

Does web scraping come under data mining?

Web scraping is the procedure used to collect and arrange data from online sources in a more beneficial manner. There isn’t any data review or processing going on. The technique of looking through enormous data sets for patterns and pertinent information is known as data mining. It is not necessary to extract or process data.

What is meant by data scraping?

Data collection from a website and spreadsheet entry is known as data scraping. A dedicated data scraper can acquire a lot of data using this method for analysis, processing, or presentation.

Who uses data scraping?

Online content research and business intelligence regularly use data scraping. Pricing for websites that compare prices and let users book trips. using open data sources to do market research and find sales leads.

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