How to Make Your Prospecting Database More Accurate

  • 01/12/2022

Are your leads accumulating online crumbs? You might be shocked by who you find in your prospecting database if you haven’t given it a thorough look in a while.

Accurate customer data may help your sales team avoid wasting time on leads that aren’t worth following up on, and it can help your marketing team create campaigns that are effective at reaching the correct audience.

Use these suggestions to improve the performance of your business this year

1. Organize Your Database

Maintaining a clean database is one of the first steps to increasing your accuracy. Like a house, your client database needs regular cleaning to continue functioning at its best. As you spend time and money trying to get in touch with connections who have gone on, the rapid deterioration of your data quality will hurt your business.

Poor data costs the typical organization $14.2 million each year, according to Gartner Research. Your data is probably even less reliable if you have clients in the entertainment, advertising, food services, human resources, or small business sectors because these industries have significant failure and turnover rates.

If your emails to prospects are bounced, you might be nurturing nothing. To find out if your leads are still working for the company or if you’re sending emails to people who have changed employment, look at bounces and auto-replies.

Your IT sales prospects, for instance, might now work in management. People won’t disclose their employment changes to you. To maintain contact with their business, you must get this information yourself. Verify that your database has duplicate entries removed as well. Contact a business that can assist you with spring-cleaning your database and updating your contacts list by cross-referencing it with their data if you need assistance validating your data.

2. Maintain Accurate Core Information

How are your customer databases organized? You probably know what your customers are interested in, but do you know their most important details? Our study found that salespeople and lead generators frequently fall into the trap of believing that the more fields, statuses, and activity categories they put in a CRM entry, the more knowledgeable they will be. Instead, start by making sure that your basic information is correct. The fundamental data can help you tailor your marketing and gain insight into the workplaces of your target audience.

3. Find the appropriate contact information

Be sure to emphasize the value of getting business email addresses when dealing with your marketing staff. People tend to spend less on average when they use their personal information from your database. Make an effort to encourage people to sign up using their company information so that the content of your emails will be relevant when your clients are considering your services.

4. Embrace your connection

You must categorize your data based on the customer’s position in the company and your relationship with the customer, regardless of whether you are nurturing an existing lead or a new one. For instance, in order to effectively sell to your consumer, you and your sales staff need to know if they are in a position to make important purchase decisions for the business. Although your marketing plan may be different, those who are gathering information about your items to present to someone higher up in the business also need to be nurtured.

5. Evaluate Your Candidates

In what ways are your prospects benefiting you? Some leads spend more time deliberating and conversing than they do making purchases. You may determine where the biggest payoff is by assessing your sales leads based on your previous encounters with customers. These less promising leads can still be nurtured, but your sales team won’t be asked to concentrate on them.

6. Consider Who You’re Ignoring

The marketing or sales teams frequently get in touch with folks in your database on a personal level, but many of them also slack off. Either take care of this vast collection of undeveloped leads or let them go. Learn about these leads and how to communicate with them by working with your marketing team. Make an effort to get in touch with them to determine whether they are still interested in working for your business.

It’s time to upgrade your prospecting database if your leads are sitting around collecting dust. Internal Results is aware of your efforts to increase IT sales leads.

Frequently asked questions:

How can database quality be guaranteed?

Data quality and integrity are ensured by deleting duplicates and stray data. As vital as it is to eliminate duplicates in order to ensure data security, backing up the data is just as important for maintaining integrity. Backing up is essential and helps a lot in avoiding data loss that cannot be recovered.

What five traits define high-quality data?

You need to be aware of some aspects of data quality. Accuracy, completeness, dependability, relevance, and timeliness are the five characteristics that make up good data quality. Continue reading to learn more.

What is a tool for B2B prospecting?

Software that automates the process of finding potential customers, getting in touch with them, and turning them into clients is known as a B2B prospecting tool.

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