How to Stop Web Scanning from Being Blocked

  • 24/01/2023

Web scraping is the process of extracting material from the web and organizing it. Since everyone with an internet connection may browse publicly accessible websites and pages, gathering structured data from them shouldn’t be a problem. You ought to be able to organize it, too. However, things are more difficult in practice.

Web scraping is frequently used for price monitoring and price intelligence in the e-commerce industry. Web scraping can also be used for other things, such as lead creation, market research, and business automation.

Reading this article, you will discover how a website can identify you as a bot and not a human. We also impart our expertise on how to get beyond these obstacles and get data on the web that is freely accessible during web scraping.

Best Practices for Web Scraping

The rights of the websites and businesses whose data we scrape are important to us at Hir Infotech, and we take that responsibility seriously.

In order to respect the website, there are a few considerations to make when working on a web scraping project.

1. Verify robots.txt

Always make sure the robots.txt file is inspected, and follow the guidelines outlined on the site to the letter. Ensure that you only crawl pages that are permitted.

2. Avoid being a burden

You should be extremely cautious while making queries if you want to scrape the web because you don’t want to damage the website. It’s bad for everyone if you damage the website.

  • Your queries from the same IP address should be few
  • Observe the time between requests as specified in
  • Plan to perform your crawls during off-peak times

Even if you use your scraper carefully, you could still be banned. At this point, you should refine your web scraping methods and use a few strategies to collect the data.

How do anti-bots work?

Anti-bot solutions are developed to prevent web scraping bots from accessing websites. These systems use a variety of techniques to distinguish between bots and people.

DDOS attacks, credential stuffing, and credit card fraud can be reduced via anti-bot techniques. However, if you’re using ethical web scraping, you’re not engaging in any of these. All you want is the easiest possible access to publicly available data. Often, the website has no API, leaving you with little choice but to scrape it.

1. Bot-blocking mechanisms

Every anti-bot system’s fundamental goal is to determine whether an action is being carried out by a bot or a person. In this section, we’ll go through all the ways a bot can be stopped while trying to reach a certain website by scraping the web.

2. IP blocking

Many crawls originate from IP addresses in datacenters. If the owner of the website notices that a lot of requests from non-human sources are coming from this particular set of IPs in an attempt to scrape the web, they can simply block all traffic from that particular datacenter to prevent the scrapers from accessing the website.

Use additional datacenter proxies or residential proxies to get around this. Or you could just use a service that manages proxies.

3. Geo-blocking

When a user attempts to scrape the web, some websites purposefully deny access if the request originates from a certain (or suspicious) location.

When the website serves up different content depending on where you are, it presents another situation where your geographic location can provide a problem for you. By using proxies located in the appropriate areas, this problem is simply resolved.

Frequently asked question:

Can you be prevented from web scraping by a website?

By looking up your IP address in their server log files, website owners can find and stop your web scrapers. There are frequently automated rules in place; for instance, your IP will be restricted if you make more than 100 queries in a single hour.

What makes websites prevent scraping?

The website can suffer as a result. Free web scrapers are available that can easily scrape any page without being stopped. The majority of websites on the internet lack any anti-scraping technology, although some of them do prevent scrapers since they provide closed data access.

Why do websites restrict web scraping?

On the internet, it might have unfavorable consequences. Free web scrapers are readily available and may easily and unhindered scrape any page. Many websites on the internet lack anti-scraping mechanisms, although some of the websites do so because they support closed data access.

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