How to Use Web Scraping Services to Scrape Job Portal Sites

  • 05/08/2022

First of all, the amount of data on the web is growing exponentially. However, acquiring accurate and usable data might take a lot of time, and many organizations cannot benefit from data collection. The Internet contains a plethora of knowledge. As a result, a variety of online scraping service providers offer effective and quick scraping services. One of the services offered by web scraping service providers is job scraping. Job data scraping can be advantageous and valuable to a variety of businesses.

How do Job Portals work?

Websites called job portals assist in connecting companies and job seekers. Employers can post job openings here and request applications from qualified candidates. The abundance of job postings offered is a job portal’s key benefit. They obtain it from businesses that are hiring. The information on the site is what gives it value and utility for its users.

How to Acquire The Volume Of Job Postings?

Here comes the web scraping to rescue. It compiles a sizable number of job postings from throughout the Internet in one place. As a result, a job portal can browse job feeds that have scraped from other websites, making it rich with job postings.

Crawlers are set up by web scraping service providers to browse and gather information from source websites that host job postings. Newer listings are thus not overlook. Additionally, some job sites employ inefficient classical methods to collect data from the internet. The best course of action is to concentrate on a specialized web scraping service to meet your data scraping needs.

Job scraping: What is it?

Let’s first define what job scraping is before moving on. Currently, there are numerous job listing portals accessible online. As a result, it may take some time to identify a particular position that is both credible and current. The enormous number of job ads can be collected and filtered from across the web in one location and in a manner that meets your specific requirements with the use of data scraping. Job scraping is the process of obtaining job information. You and your business will profit from extracting job data in a number of ways, which we shall cover later in this article.

How Can Extracting Job Postings Be Beneficial?

The trouble of gathering, tracking, and optimizing data from job posting websites will be taken on by web scraping service providers, who will then send this data to the job portals in a format that is ready for use. The majority of job portals acquire information from the internet’s hundreds of job posting pages using domain-specific scraping tools. Most often, job boards use this information to send visitors who click on links back to the original website. Because scraping job postings involve sophisticated technology, outsourcing is a safer option for most organizations.

Benefits you can acquire from web scraping services:

An employment portal may find it challenging to complete the web scraping procedure internally due to the complex technical expertise required. The job portal ought to focus more on areas of the industry that are more advantageous. An employment website can have it simpler by using a web scraping service to handle all the difficulties associated with crawling and gathering data from a range of websites.

To stay on course in this very competitive market, the business nevertheless requires data. The benefits that web scraping can bring your company in particular are as follows:

  • Time-saving
  • No Technical Issues
  • Cost-efficient
  • Zero Maintenance
  • Specific Data
  • Accurate and Quick 


To recap, we can extract a wide range of data about jobs using our specialized web scraping services. You can generate structured employment data feeds by using information from the career sections of job portals and corporate websites, such as current job openings, hiring firms, in-demand talents, and recruiting locations.

If you have any questions concerning scraping job posting data, kindly contact our experts at HIR infotech.

Frequently asked questions:

How does job scraping work?

Job scraping is the process of obtaining (or, more accurately, scraping), organizing, and disseminating structured job data from various online sources, such as firm careers pages. High-volume job posts from across the web are gathered in the format that most suits your needs with the use of job data crawling.

Can we collect data from web scraping?

The practice of scraping public data from websites will be made legal in the United States in the year 2020. It is acceptable to harvest information from websites (such as Wiki articles). When you do this, make sure that you do not violate any copyright laws by recycling or republishing any of the data.

What is web scraping?

Web scraping is the process of extracting content and data from a website through the use of automated programs called bots.

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