Illustrations of How Web Crawling And Data Scraping Are Used in Actual Businesses

  • 29/03/2023

Despite the labor expenses, manual data extraction is still done in many businesses today. However, more and more are adopting these technologies as they realize the value of process automation and the enormous cost savings that can be realized.

In addition, the use of scraping is growing in popularity at the same rate as big data, business intelligence, and general trends in data analysis and interpretation. Entrepreneurs that recognize the value of data seek the most effective means of acquiring it.

Uses for data scraping and web crawling in business

1. Getting pricing and performing a general competition analysis

In an effort to examine the offer and the best sales pricing for a specific location, many real estate agents also use web scraping of real estate platforms.

It is also fairly typical to be asked to scrape data from sites like Amazon, AliExpress, and eBay in this phase of the competition.

In order to make purchases at the best possible costs at the time, many businesses also directly scrape the prices of their suppliers, which results in a significant boost in earnings.

Large businesses frequently keep an eye on the websites of their rivals, prices with intricate forms (as in the insurance industry), openings for new positions, newly available goods and services, etc.

2. Human resources industry

Supply and demand in the human resources sector are both kept track of. Users keep track of employment offers, and HR departments scrape public job profiles.

3. Product and brand protection

Monitoring of brands and products is a recent use of data crawling. Examples include keeping an eye on our products across all distribution channels (particularly distributors) to ensure that the rules we have established are followed, keeping an eye on copyrighted brands and items to spot imitations, monitoring map compliance, etc.

4. Content aggregators

Crawlers are the foundation of all content aggregators. To keep up with breaking news, the media utilize crawlers to see what other media outlets publish.

Price comparison websites, flight search engines, and other well-known affiliate networks are examples of content aggregators in action.

5. Monitoring the financial market and stocks

Trading and investing in the financial markets require a significant amount of data in order to function in an intelligent and effective manner. Our company develops programming tools for extensive brokers, which provide them the ability to acquire dependable information, arrange it, and interpret it.

6. Sectoral patent alerts

Monitoring and alerts of new patents relevant to each research and development sector to ensure that we are always up to date with the most recent developments in both the industry as a whole as well as the innovations that may be of benefit to us specifically.

7. Data gathering for artificial intelligence(AI), machine learning(ML), and big data

Obtaining automation is the only feasible way to collect new and trustworthy data, which is a requirement for all data-driven technologies. These data must be continuously fed into the system.

8. Deep web scraping and dark web

Due to ignorance, we can also cause our crawlers or spiders to run into the dark web. This is not as popular of use, but it is still possible. Those in charge of security and intelligence are the ones who make the most use of this program in order to identify violations of the law and anticipate threats and attacks. Detecting cyberattacks, false traffic, hacking networks, security threats, and other similar occurrences is one of the business applications of scraping on the dark web.

Frequently asked questions:

How do businesses use web scraping?

The automated process of collecting structured web data is called web scraping. Additionally called web data extraction. Web scraping has many uses, but some of the more common ones include lead generation, market research, news monitoring, pricing tracking, and price intelligence.

Why is data scraping useful?

In order for commercial organizations to acquire information such as contact information for potential consumers, price information for price comparison websites, and more, scraping has become an essential component of the big data industry.

How is web scraping used in marketing?

Web scraping can collect any useful information for organizations, including information on customers, goods, and rivals. Scraping can be used to gather anything in data-driven marketing.

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