Improve The Accuracy of Data Extraction From News And Articles

  • 12/01/2023

The ability to get trustworthy and high-quality material through news and article data extraction is crucial for competing in the quickly changing market of today.

Consumer behavior and industry trends are always evolving. These are essential for influencing important choices that can make or ruin your company.

Scraping data from online news items might, however, seem like a difficult process due to the pace and volume of their publication.

Data must be obtained quickly, yet it must also be precise and of high quality.

Organizations that struggle to understand how to handle their data properly waste time and money without getting any value out of the data they collect.

Why is quality crucial for the extraction of news and article data? 

As more information is shared online, demand for structured data has soared in recent years.

Because it may be used for a wide range of purposes, including market research, analytics, brand monitoring, competitor intelligence, customer personalization, and many more, this data is crucial.

Because of this, news data has the potential to be a gold mine, and the ability to use it effectively will provide firms with a significant advantage.

Companies can benefit from accurate article data extraction by doing so:

  • Use data-backed information to make informed decisions.
  • Make rapid adjustments using data that is nearly real-time.
  • Possess a competitive advantage over rivals who lack the same knowledge

It is essential to have a system that can deliver high-quality news and article data extraction if you want to use article data extraction as a resource to help your organization thrive and expand.

Problems with extracting reliable data from articles

The majority of a news article’s crucial details, including the headline, publication date, author, and lead image, are found at the top, followed by the text.

There is also unrelated stuff like “most popular” and “editors’ picks,” which is useful for the user experience but less helpful for data extraction because it complicates the procedure.

It’s also the most challenging to get correctly because the article body typically serves as the meat of the article extraction procedure. This is due to the fact that the body frequently contains various pieces of content that we may not want to be included in the final product if we want to produce something of high quality.

Think about the illustration on the left. There are block quotes in the body of the text that don’t look like they belong there, but they do.

The block that looks to be a part of the content in the example on the right, however, is unrelated and is only there to keep users on the platform.

The quality of your article extraction may suffer if you maintain these blocks.

An unconnected link with text in the middle of the article can confuse your systems if you have a downstream application that performs sentiment analysis.

Therefore, obtaining all needed content while excluding undesirable blocks would serve as the standard for quality.


The quality of the data extracted from news and articles will play an increasingly crucial part in the decision-making process of many firms as the importance of data continues to expand.

In spite of the fact that open-source libraries provide a solution at a reduced cost, the data quality may not be up to grade, which is especially true when performing article extraction on a large scale.

Frequently asked questions:

What is the most important challenge to the data extraction process?

The difficult part is making sure that the data you combine from one source with data from other sources connects nicely. When the sources are a mixture of structured and unstructured data, this calls for a lot of design and planning.

What is article extraction?

The process of collecting data fields from an article page and converting them into a structured, machine-readable format, such as JSON, is known as article extraction. The article page you want to remove is frequently a news page; however, it can also be an article of any other kind.

Why is data extraction challenging?

The cost and time involved in extracting data, as well as the accuracy of the data, are obstacles. The correctness of the data depends on the quality of the data source, which can be an expensive and time-consuming procedure.

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