Is The Investment Worth It For B2B Custom List Building?

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We recently received a call from a prospective client who needed help building a business contact list and wanted to know how we could help. The conversation was going well until he learned that buying a single contact from an existing database like or even buying a pre-packaged contact list would cost more per lead supplied than using custom role-based list construction, which put the brakes on the conversation. He immediately had the thought, “why should I pay a premium for a custom business contact when I can pay less per contact by getting a broad list instead,” and that was the pivotal moment.

There is a difference between the two. When you acquire a list of business contacts, despite the fact that the costs are lower, you are betting that some of those contacts will be the appropriate decision-makers to receive your marketing message or sales call. This is a risky bet because there is no guarantee that any of those contacts will be a decision-maker. This is due to the fact that the list was compiled using a certain set of criteria. As part of a specialized role-based list-building initiative, each account is contacted individually, and the best decision-maker for your message is identified. This helps to ensure that you are directing your message to the appropriate individual within the account you are targeting. In comparison to ready lists or databases, these connections are better qualified as leads and yield higher returns, presuming that qualification is based on the questions that are asked to determine eligibility.

Imagine for a moment that a company has to demonstrate its customer relationship management (CRM) software to potential new customers. If you use a role-based list-building tool to discover decision-makers or important executives in IT who disregard the company’s CRM needs, you can be confident that you are contacting the right person. This will allow you to have confidence that you are approaching the right person. It gets rid of some of the “trial and error” that is involved with a title-based list, which is when, despite the fact that the titles may correspond to your possible decision-maker, a lot of time and effort may be wasted trying to reach out to the wrong decision-makers. 

The role-based list creation option is, therefore, worth the cost if you are seeking a more concentrated and more qualified group of leads in situations where “what the decision maker is accountable for” is a key consideration. Although purchased lists and contact databases such as Jigsaw are wonderful sources of title-based contacts and certainly preferable for a wider supply of volume raw leads, in our opinion, the return on investment (ROI) ought to speak for itself, and the premium is absolutely worth it.

Increasing Your Prospect Reach with Custom List Building

A corporation typically requires a lot more specific marketing contact information to support its sales force than it actually has. Even for cold prospecting, a sales unit will settle for nothing less than a precise lead. In addition, the effort required to produce this data is costly, extensive, and time-consuming.

With its specialist Custom List Building service, Hir Infotech gives you the finest option to streamline your list enhancement endeavor. This procedure involves creating a fresh prospect database for your marketing efforts based on your goal requirements. Based on your requirements, we extract the data you need using a sizable database of business contact records and an efficient automation engine.

For instance, your sales team could desire to connect with Technology Decision Makers in the Manufacturing Industry located throughout North America, but you might not know how to go about gathering this information for your team. With the use of clever queries, our backend engine can give you an exact list of the Senior Technology Decision Makers for various titles across a large number of North American manufacturing businesses. Additionally, we offer the addresses for these contacts and get their consent by sending permission mailers to have them participate in your demand. Not to mention the 100% gold standard deliverability guarantee that Hir Infotech provides on all of the data it gives you. With the help of our custom list-building process, you may get a sizable prospect list that will make deal closing simple for your sales unit.

Frequently asked questions:

What is the purpose of a custom list?

An explanation of a custom list building service For marketing and sales teams with a target audience you’d like to grow and diversify, a custom list development service is a smart tool. With customizable lists based on countless selection criteria, you may increase the number of transactions in your sales pipeline.

What does marketing “creating a list” mean?

Gathering email addresses from website users or visitors is the process of list building. To increase the subscriber database and improve ongoing and future client communications, this is done. Building an email list is a key marketing tactic.

What is a B2B outbound call?

B2B telemarketing can be inbound, where a company takes incoming calls from contacts as a consequence of, say, their email campaigns, or outbound, when a business contacts another company to target prospects and provide them with answers to their problem areas.

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