Is Using a Data API Preferable To Web Scraping?

  • 28/06/2022

Data extraction is essential for all firms in the big data era. Data harvesting may offer businesses a number of benefits, but most crucially, it will propel the company into a highly competitive market. The company may get the most recent data on the sector or any relevant subject by doing market research through data harvesting. Knowing what’s going on in the market can enable your company to adjust to any changes in the market, reduce losses, and increase sales.

What’s the Difference: API vs Web Scraping

The most practical methods of data collection are web scraping and API scraping. Data extraction from a website or particular webpage is known as web scraping. A collection of methods and communication protocols known as an API (Application Programming Interface) allows access to the data of an application, operating system, or other services.

Benefits of APIs

Why do most users still utilize APIs if web scraping is preferable to them? Well, the cause is rather evident. Most individuals continue to use the same API to obtain the same data from the same source in order to accomplish their own goals. Additionally, they can be bound by a contract to use the website’s API within a specific time frame.

API may be the best option when frequent, and comparable mass data extraction is necessary. Automation of the data extraction process, which includes all types of documents, including photos, PDFs, and invoices, might be helpful. Every time the source sites, formats, or fields are updated, problems occur. Consequently, API is an unstable web scraping option.

Web scraping benefits

1. Abolish Rate Limiting

You are granted some restrictions while using an API. Web scraping has no restrictions (at least technically). Unless you are paying for their premium version, the majority of APIs have restricted usage guidelines. You are permitted to submit between ten and one hundred queries daily using the free API. However, if you use the API constantly, you may wind up making hundreds of calls throughout the day. This might result in you and the owner of the web scraping API signing an expensive contract.

2. Not all data is accessible through APIs

An API is associated with a certain website. Every day, new websites appear, and in this situation, it is preferable to follow the data trail rather than relying just on an API because an API can never provide you access to all the data that is available on the internet.

When you scrape the web, you may pick up connections inside previously scraped articles or pages and utilize those links to identify similar material and information, resulting in a chain of interconnected sets of data that can be used for many purposes. Using the same script you develop to crawl a single page, it may happen automatically.

3. Lack of API Customization Options

With web scraping, you may alter every part of the data extraction process, including the fields, frequency, format, and structure. You can even retrieve data that is device- or geo-specific by altering the user agent of your crawler. With an API, this level of flexibility is simply not feasible. When you use a website’s API, you are severely constrained in terms of customization choices.

4. Not every website has a web scraping API

We have been discussing the distinction between utilizing an API and web scraping the entire time. However, it implies that we are expecting that all websites will make it possible for you to access their data using both methods. That is just incorrect. Almost no websites genuinely allow you to view their data (even if that means limited or controlled data). The majority of websites won’t let you use their APIs. As a result, you will need to create your own custom scrapers if you want to put up your own fashion E-Commerce business and try to collect data from your rivals.

Frequently asked question:

Is API better than web scraping?

The availability of tools distinguishes APIs from web scraping. APIs need the data requester to construct a bespoke app. Many external site scraping technologies don’t need coding.

Do you need an API to web scrape?

Using a web scraper is your only choice if a website lacks a specific API. However, websites with APIs frequently make utilizing third-party tools for scraping nearly hard, particularly if they charge for data access.

Is scraper API good?

ScrapingBot. For developers that can’t spend as much time creating their scraper, ScrapingBot is a great tool. It is a dependable and quick scraping API that assists in gathering accurate data from any website.

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