Leading Web Scraping Projects of 2022

  • 23/08/2022


The practice of online scraping has, without question, been widely accepted and popular in recent years. But as a full-time or freelance web scraper, you can make a good living. For this reason, Web Scraping is becoming increasingly important as the web is the definitive source of information for any field. As a result of this data, companies may better tailor their plans to the market and outperform the competition. Therefore, web scraping projects are essential if you want to develop proficiency in the practice and turn it into a source of revenue.

System for tracking search engine rankings:


A ranking tracking system for search engines aids in keeping tabs on these factors. For instance, determine which rank your web page is most likely to be on if you want to know how it will be ranked on Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). You can use Seo techniques to raise your page ranking based on the conclusions reached. 


The top-ranking page for the domain you wish to track will be returned by a scraper using a set of target keywords and the search engine results. Python makes it simple to construct this scraping system.

Customer Review Analysis:


Businesses need to be aware of customer feedback in order to better serve their customers. Businesses can learn about interesting customer patterns and improve their products and services by gathering and evaluating customer feedback.


Pick a product from any well-known e-commerce website and scrape the data about it for this project. In order to understand the sentiment of the customers, you must scrape and analyze the customer reviews. Additionally, you are capable of performing the necessary statistical analysis to make wise deductions.

Scraping a Job Portal


Another popular and intriguing web scraping project concept is this one. There are many internet employment portals, including Monster.com and Indeed.com. You can utilize your knowledge of web scraping to identify the most prevalent requirements for a specific role or job. As an alternative, you can choose several job portals for this project. However, it will make your project more challenging.


You will create a tool for this project that scrapes one or more job portals and verifies the specifications of the required job vacancy. You can, for instance, view all of the “Graphic Designers” positions available on the job board. The data that was scraped can be used to examine the most common requirements for hiring a Graphic Designer expert.

Fetching Product Data


Preparing thousands of product photos, descriptions, and features that have previously been prepared for the same product by many online suppliers is one of the many crucial components of e-commerce firms. Web scraping can accelerate one’s product intelligence by automating the entire process of accessing such real-time data about a product at scale in a short amount of time.


You will create a product list script for this web scraping project that will scrape the web to collect all of the product data from various domains. The right AI algorithm can make data extraction from dynamic pages simple when used to build this scraper.

Frequently asked questions:

Why is scraping data important?

Web scraping is an important part of the process since it allows for the quick and effective extraction of data in the form of news from a variety of sources. Such information can then be evaluated to acquire the required insights. As a result, tracking a company’s brand and reputation is also achievable.

What is the difference between scraping and crawling?

The technique of gathering data from one or more websites is known as web scraping. Crawling is the process of finding or discovering URLs or links on the internet. Web data extraction activities often include crawling and scraping.

What is data scraping in the context of robotic process automation?

Data scraping is the process of extracting structured data from your browser, application, or document and saving it to a database,.csv file, or even an Excel spreadsheet.

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