Leveraging Google Maps to Scrape Local Business Data and Generate Leads

  • 23/06/2022

Since its debut more than 15 years ago, Google Maps has seen significant development and is now used for a variety of purposes beyond only determining the best route. Its most popular services continue to include route planning for vehicles, bicycles, public transportation, and foot travel, as well as satellite imaging, aerial photography, and real-time traffic maps. But it is also often used to find nearby businesses and find out more about them. Companies can get information about nearby businesses by web scraping Google Maps.

Extracted Data Points using Web Scraping Maps on Google

The data points that can be collected would be your major draw if you tried your hand at web scraping Google Maps. Google Maps offers a collection of details for practically any establishment. When looking for a service, such as washing, or a store that sells cakes, you would typically have all of the following information:

  1. Business’s name
  2. Address
  3. Timing of business
  4. Website
  5. Phone number
  6. Reviews

There could be additional data points if a company has added them or if people have updated them. If no one has updated several of the data items stated above, they may also be missing. To encourage people to contribute images and update the details of places they often visit, Google Maps employs its Local Guides initiative. In this way, updates to the dataset are made continuously.

How Can Google Maps Local Business Data Help You?

1. Market Analysis

Through market research, Local Business Data may assist businesses in finding answers to a variety of issues. To determine which parts of the city have the most fast food restaurants, for instance, a fast food chain may use local business data. This research would imply that particular places are attractive to foodies. On the other hand, one may utilize the Local Business Data to identify locations with fewer restaurants and set up shop there.

2. Data Combination

Any type of data may combine to create a bigger image when seen as a whole. The same is true for corporate data. For certain firms, data collection and aggregation may be used to identify underlying issues, opportunities that are being overlooked, the potential reach of new ventures, and more. Google Maps’ aggregated data from several businesses can open doors that individual business data couldn’t.

3. Competitive Survey

Just as crucial as keeping your own home in order is having knowledge of your rivals. This is the rationale behind why firms would wish to combine data from industries that are comparable to their own. This information is freely accessible using Google Maps. Insights regarding pricing strategies, opening and closing times, add-on services, client perception, and much more may gain from this data. This data may utilize to identify areas for improvement and help business choices to get support by facts.

Why Hir Infotech

You can acquire all the data points you need from companies in any part of the world with the aid of our fully managed, enterprise-grade, end-to-end solution. If necessary, any kind of special criteria, such as filters for certain company kinds, may also create.

We offer a real-time, low latency system that updates the data. Our fully managed data extraction services also take care of setting up and taking care of the infrastructure. Our solutions make it easy for you to scrape data from Google Maps and incorporate it into your company’s workflow.

Frequently asked question:

Is it legal to scrape Google Maps?

Scraping publicly available data on google Maps is legal. It is necessary to record the place id of any given location in order to retrieve it later.

What is Google Maps scraping?

Google Map scraping, harvesting, or extracting is the process of obtaining all information about locations, names, addresses, websites, phone numbers, and business working hours; not only this but much more information from the Google Maps website.

What is scraping in business?

Web scraping is extracting web data into a more usable format for the user. For example, you could scrape product information from an eCommerce website and save it to an excel spreadsheet.

Is web scraping important for data analysts?

Web scraping is an essential component of data science. It was one of many tools is in require to efficiently and successfully capture web data. Web scraping can help with data collection, which is one of the initial steps in data analysis.

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