Pricing and Ratings Web Mining

Cost-benefit analyses of electronic goods


One of the leading comapny of electronic Goods in USA


Hir infotech is known For their accurate and informative web scraping service. Our company provides the best services result in world wide. As a result one of the largest American manufacturers of electronic goods contacted Hir Infotech to help them collect data about prices, user reviews, and ratings from a variety of online retailers.


The fact that our client didn't have the URLs of their products on the numerous eCommerce platforms they used, and instead just knew the Sku IDs and product names, posted on web, one of the most difficult challenges.


Our team discovered that it would be able to search for certain products by using the site-wise SKU IDs, which in most cases produced the desired results, after requesting a few example SKU IDs and Product Names.

The crawler was developed to scrape product prices and read this information from a common site because the client wanted control over the input information (Google Sheets, in this case). Despite the fact that some of these websites had some restricting mechanisms in place, obtaining both product-related data and reviews data was quite simple once the product pages were found.


  • Data Accuracy - the data provided was accurate and informative, wich helps us to save alot of time and made us to focus on the business Growth.
  • By monitoring pricing and sales data, it help us to see how well different products are performing.
  • Not only is web scraping a quick procedure, but it is also highly accurate. Data scraping is a technique for obtaining information from multiple websites for other purposes. and it really simplified our work.


By adopting our web crawling service, the client assured there was no manual layer involved in the data collecting process, hence saving a substantial amount of labor hours, server costs, human resource costs connected with having a dedicated staff, and maintenance costs associated with the crawler had it been developed internally. Now, all they needed to do is consume the data we deliver as per their specifications.

From the Client

 It was a genuine delight for us to learn about the work culture at Hir Infotch. It really is a matter of appreciation for the commitment and genuine work ethic they display. We are pleased with our decision to go with hir infotech. And I will ensure that we will continue to utilize the services of hir Infotech in the future.

From The Client

"The analysis delivered helped us take tactical decisions that would be beneficial for our business. We look forward to a long-term relationship."

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