Social Media Analysis For B2C Company


B2C Based Company


So the customer requires the data to be collected from a variety of social media platforms, the process was a little bit time-consuming as the task was to collect a huge amount of data. Create a visual representation and conduct an analysis of the metrics for social media in order to facilitate a comprehensive understanding between the company and its social media user base. Additionally, while producing visual effects, it is feasible that the end-user may not grasp the visualized terminology.


Owing to the fact that it was a particularly attention-grabbing activity to carry out. The customer was assisted by Hir Infotech through providing them with an all-encompassing and simple-to-understand social media screen. This screen covers a number of different social media analytics reports. The purpose of a screen dedicated to social media analytics is to extract value from data collected from a variety of social networks and throughout a range of time periods. This report is essential in order to explain the development of social media and to assist in gaining business insights.


  • The efforts of Hir Infotech have assisted us in better comprehending our intended audience.
  • The services offered by Hir Infotech were remarkable because they not only assisted us in understanding our rivals but also supplied us with ideas on how to overcome them.
  • The finest thing we learned from Hir Infotech was how to construct a strategy that has shown to be highly effective in the near future.


Even though it was an enormous task to complete in a short period of time, our professionals worked tirelessly and achieved the target, which was the best obstacle we overcame. It resulted in satisfied customers at the peak point.

From The Client

The results were stunning and highly appreciative, as their team's dedication to their task is both mind-blowing and hard-working.  We were able to gain advantages offered by Hir Infotech which assisted us in growing our company to a higher level, and we are looking forward to continuing our collaboration for many more years ahead.

From The Client

"The analysis delivered helped us take tactical decisions that would be beneficial for our business. We look forward to a long-term relationship."

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