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  • 28/07/2022

As of July 2021, Walmart operated 20,000 shops throughout 28 nations. Even today, Amazon is by far the second-largest retailer in the world, accounting for roughly half of all sales. Despite the fact that the business was founded in 1962, it has increased its technological efforts and has mostly surpassed new entrants to the market. It is also one of the top companies experimenting with data and allowing boardrooms to make decisions supported by data.

Big data and Walmart

E-commerce sites and merchants typically use internal and external data sources for dynamic price management (competitor data). Walmart uses its data sources for a variety of purposes, compared to other businesses where this is the default (and frequently the only) use case.

Make your online purchasing more personalized

Walmart uses your historical data to display items and discounts that may be more relevant to you, just like Netflix does to provide you with a tailored experience and suggestions. This promotes client loyalty and frequently results in greater purchase volumes.

Streamline checkout procedures in-store

People who still prefer to buy groceries in actual stores detest long queues and unattended checkout desks. Walmart has calculated how many associates are needed to ensure efficient billing at whatever time of day by examining past data and striving to eliminate such last-point bottlenecks.

Managing the supply chain

Each stage in the process of getting an item to a client uses a different transport service. Walmart strives to streamline supply chain management by cutting out as many processes as it can and adjusting truck schedules so that it can fully utilize its cargo capacity. To determine which path would allow customers to receive their products as soon as possible, it even analyses routes and times.

Pharmacy restocking accomplished

It runs simulations and makes very accurate predictions about specific data points using both internal and historical data. These consist of:

  • What time of day sees the most foot traffic in stores
  • The busiest weeks or days of the year
  • Which drugs are in the greatest demand

All of this data aids in effective staff and medication management, reducing the amount of time needed to complete each prescription.

Optimize the products you choose

To have the best possible variety of brands and items on shelves at its shops and warehouses, it leverages data from both online and offline sales. In order to make more of its own brands available, it also seeks to determine which are popular with customers.

Creating competitions from data challenges

When dealing with new datasets or attempting to use data to answer new issues, every firm has data problems. Walmart had a challenge in 2014: how to forecast sales effectively with a constrained set of previous data. This competition was hosted on Kaggle, and it provided sales information for 45 physical retailers from various departments. The data also included tags for sales on special days and during the Christmas season.

More data points were made available to people in relation to the locations of each retailer. This included data on the weather, unemployment rates, median pay, gasoline prices, and more. This was an issue with hiring; thus, Walmart managed to kill two birds with one stone.

Implementation of Walmart’s data practices

If you intend to scan Walmart for product or pricing information, you need first to choose which departments you want to focus on. It might be a huge undertaking to gather all the data from every department. Also it would also be a good idea to scrape data that is solely relevant to the area in which you operate. It would be a waste of time and computer resources to collect all the data and filter it afterward.

Frequently asked questions:

Does Walmart allow web scraping?

The following characteristics are supported by the Walmart data scraper: Scrape product information – There are various properties that may be scraped, including pictures, seller data, photographs, brands, variations, product ID, and many more.

Is there a Walmart API?

The Walmart Marketplace API offers tools for managing products, orders, pricing, promotions, inventory, and reporting on for seller apps. You can get any tool you need to directly interface with the Walmart Marketplace API from the Walmart Developer Center.

Is Walmart API free?

It is free to utilize the Walmart Open API. Make sure you register first before using it. I hope it helps!

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