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Why Should Companies Outsource Web Research?

The ability of a company to do research is critical to both its success and its continued existence. Businesses frequently need to conduct…
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Most Data Entry Carriers Have Strong Quality Control Measures to Improve Accuracy

The ever-expanding business process outsourcing (BPO) industry has hit a moment of doom just prior to the most recent recession that hit the…
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Discover Out How Using Web Research Services Can Help Companies Achieve Operating Efficiencies

You can find treasure on the Internet if you know where to look. If you know where to go for the right information,…
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Why You Need Web Research Services

To maintain a competitive advantage in today's fast-moving technological world, it is an important necessity to be abreast of the most recent developments…
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How does an API for News Work?

Using an API request, a News API enables you to rapidly and simply access unstructured news data in an organized manner. A new…
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Linkedin Lead generation, b2b Lead gen Agency

Today, We Launched Managed LinkedIn Lead Generation Service

We are hugely excited to announce that Hir Infotech now provides a Managed Linkedin Lead generation service. That guarantees B2B organizations 200–250 warm…
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Lead Generation Service

What is Lead Generation? Strategy and Best Practices

Lead generation is a central focus for any B2B organization that’s interested in driving consistent and reliable revenue. It’s an extremely important topic…
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Business Networking

The Importance of a Strong Business Network

What is Business Networking? Business networking is the process of establishing a mutually beneficial relationship with other business people and potential clients and/or…
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Top 4 Website Data Scraping Services Use Cases

A few months back I shared some of the ways our clients use website scraping to make competitive business decisions. I thought it…
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30 Ways Your Business Can Benefit from Web Scraping

30 Ways to Grow Your Business with Web Scraping

Embracing Big Data may sound complicated but it need not be. Web scraping (aka. web crawling, web data extraction, web harvesting, screen scraping,…
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