The Most Hated Web Scraping Problems by Non-Techies

  • 18/04/2023

With the rise in demand for big data, web scraping is becoming a hot issue among the public. Many people eagerly harvest data from various websites to boost their market expansion. Big data puts them ahead of their industry’s developments, customer trends, and market dynamics. Therefore, web scraping is a vital tool for organisations and much more than just data collection.

As an illustration, let’s say that you created a prototype for a fantastic application that has had tremendous early traction. The primary source of data for this application is data that has been scraped. It is now time to enhance data extraction through web scraping, as the program has shown to be fairly useful. The scale-up procedure, however, turns into a very repetitive process, and the problems that surface at a huge scale are quite different from what you dealt with in the beginning.

What are the most typical web crawling problems encountered during massive data extraction?

We have gained knowledge via key conversations with several of my clients who tried their web scraping projects on their own before hiring us with widely available generic scraping technologies, only to have them end up in a complete mess. They have primarily encountered the following issues when executing their web scraping projects:

  1. Hosting of data
  2. Recognized and blocked by the target website
  3. Complex, developing web architectures
  4. Scraping data in real-time
  5. Data Precision

While we can overcome some of these obstacles, we must accept others and keep working. Let’s examine the difficulties of large-scale web scraping in more detail.

1. Hosting of data

A significant volume of information is produced via large-scale data extraction. The search, filtering, and export of these data would become a time-consuming and difficult operation if the data hosting infrastructure is poorly constructed. As a result, for large-scale data extraction, the data warehousing or hosting system needs to be adaptable, completely fault-tolerant, and secure.

2. Recognized and blocked by the target website

Detected by the targeted website is a very regular problem because modern technology makes it easy to trace non-human online habits. Because scraping involves sending out many queries repeatedly, and an average person can’t handle this, web crawling/web scraping software is used. To avoid this, you need a lot of IP addresses that move around and imitate human behaviour in order to conceal your scraping program.

3. Complex, developing web architectures

HTML powers most websites. Website designers can create unique frameworks using their own specifications. To scrape many websites, you must construct a scraper for each website.

Every website improves its UI to better digital experience and user experience. Many website technical improvements emerge from this. Web crawlers and scrapers must be adjusted to match website coding. Web scrapers must modify weekly since a slight change in the targeted website’s fields can cause your logic to break or deliver inaccurate data. Bad training data should be added last to your automated system.

4. Scraping data in real-time

When comparing prices and keeping track of inventories, real-time data scraping is crucial. The data will change at a look, which can help a corporation make enormous financial gains. The scraper must continue to monitor the websites round-the-clock and collect the information. After all, the request and data delivery always take some time. Additionally, real-time data collecting on a huge scale is a very difficult task.

With the help of our expertise in applying timely programmed cloud extraction, we can do practically real-time scraping by visiting the target websites at unobtrusive intervals.

5. Data Precision

Data that don’t adhere to consistency requirements may compromise the integrity of all the data. Due to the fact that crawling must be done in real-time, it is difficult to guarantee that the data will adhere to consistent instructions. If you apply modern AI or ML technology, inaccurate data can result in major issues.

Frequently asked questions:

Can web scraping get you in trouble?

Web crawling and scraping are not in and of themselves prohibited. You could, after all, easily scrape or crawl your own website. Startups adore it since it’s a cheap and effective method of data collection that doesn’t require collaborations.

Are web scrapers used by hackers?

A well-known and frequently practical method for gathering information from the internet is content scraping. However, hackers and scammers have started to adopt this strategy in recent years.

Is scraping difficult?

Web scavenging is simple! Anyone can scrape data if given the right tools, even those without any programming skills. Your inability to scrape the data you need doesn’t necessarily have to be the fault of programming. There are many applications that can help non-programmers scrape websites for useful data.

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