What is Data Appending? How Data Appending can Help Small Business?

  • 19/03/2020

What is Data Appending?

Data Appending is the process of filling all the missing gaps in a given database. It matches contact information of business prospects across various industries and lets you connect with them straight away. With Data Appending Services, businesses can save time, cost as well as resources required to manage the database. Also, it aids the firms to carry out prospecting, sales, and marketing efficiently.

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Types of Data Appending Services:

  1. B2B Email Data Appending
  2. Phone Appending
  3. Social Media Profile Appending
  4. Marketing List Appending
  5. Reverse Data Appending

What are the Benefits of Data Appending?

  • Reach the right target customers and prospects at the right time
  • Increase customer engagement by running appropriate marketing campaigns
  • Improve the value as well as the accuracy of the data you own
  • Increase the size of the business contact base
  • Enhances campaign response rate
  • Boost the open rates with freshly appended information
  • Strengthen the bond with the customers and prospects
  • Increase website traffic drastically
  • Maximize the company’s ROI and promote sales
  • Reduce data management costs.

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Three Ways Data Appending can Help Small Business

In the course of running your small business, you have accumulated the names and contact information of plenty of people. Some of them are customers and others may simply be leads who contacted you about what you have to offer but who haven’t made a purchase yet. It’s important to contact both of these types of people on a fairly regular basis to see. If you can convert the prospects into customers and the customers into repeat customers.

As time goes by, though, people move and change email addresses and phone numbers, so their mailing address and other contact information become out of date. This is where data appending services can come in handy. They take these types of customer and lead lists and update them as well as do additional services. The following are just three benefits of such a service in terms of how they can help your small business.

Have More Ways to Reach an Existing Lead or Customer

Most people have a preferred contact method. In the course of contacting customers of your small business, you may find you reach some by phone better than email, and others may be the exact opposite. Data appending services can expand upon your lead lists and customer lists with an email address or a phone number if one of these pieces of information was previously missing from that contact’s file. This gives you more ways to contact them. Which can only increase your chances of a sale?

Find New Prospects That Are Similar to Your Customers

Some data appending services can even take your existing lists and glean additional information from them and then use this to find other leads who have similar demographics to your current customers. This provides a powerful marketing edge for you because they are getting you leads that are new to your business but that should already be predisposed to buy what you have to offer.

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Remove Outdated Names From a Customer List

There will be a certain proportion of the names on any list that either can’t be successfully updated or the update indicates they’re no longer a prospect for your business. Perhaps the person moved, and you have a local service business that depends on an exclusively local customer base. It’s beneficial to have their name removed from your database. so you won’t waste postage sending them a mailer or time trying to call them.

When it comes to email, in particular, your message has a higher likelihood of being seen as spam if you get a high proportion of bouncebacks due to a large number of bad email addresses. This makes the email appending of a lead or customer list important. so you do not compromise your ability to send email communications to valuable prospects.

Hir Infotech is a data appending service Provider. We can help your small business with all the above benefits of utilizing such a service. so you know your contact lists are updated and useful for growing your business.

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