What You Need to Know to Find the Hiring Manager’s Email Address

  • 07/10/2022

After submitting your online application, you can increase your chances of being contacted for an interview by contacting the hiring manager directly via email. This is so that your application will stand out by displaying your desire, curiosity, and eligibility when you can locate and get in touch with the hiring manager.

How to locate a recruiting manager’s email

1. Visit the Business’s Website

Checking the team profiles on the business website might sometimes yield the hiring manager’s contact information. Reading through the jobs and bios may enable you to ascertain the recruiting manager’s first and last name, even if their email address is not provided. Knowing this makes it much simpler to use other techniques to locate the hiring manager’s email address.

2. Use a Google Search

To find the hiring manager’s email address on their website, the company website, or another website they are affiliated with, you might run a simple Google search. You should use keywords and symbols to narrow down your search as much as you can to maximize the effectiveness of this technique.

To assist you with your search, you could use these sample documents:

(First and last name) (location)

(First and last name)@(company URL)

(First and last name) (company name) email

(First and last name) email

3. Search Social Media

Using their first and last name to do a search on both professional and mainstream platforms can be helpful because people frequently publish the URL for their personal websites and/or their contact information on their social media pages. While you’re there, you could follow them and even ask them for their email address using a direct message.

Just make sure the message is appealing and targeted if you decide to do this. Without some crucial context and information initially, people are unwilling to disclose their contact information to a stranger on social networking.

4. Get a workmate

Even if you are unable to locate the email address of the person in charge of hiring new employees, it is possible that you will find the contact information for one of the hiring manager’s colleagues. It is possible that the email address of the person in charge of employing you can be found by analyzing the structure of the person’s email.

Send your cover letter, resume, and a carefully worded message, then wait to see whether you get a response to your inquiry before proceeding. If you do not receive a notification stating that the email was unable to be delivered, you can presume that it was successfully delivered to the intended mailbox.

5. Contact The Business

Try phoning the company’s direct number and then asking the receptionist for assistance if you’re having trouble locating the hiring manager’s email address through other means. You may use something like this: “Hello, I’m looking for the position with the description [job title], and I’d like to get in touch with the hiring manager, [hiring manager’s name], to express my interest in the position and my qualifications for it. Do you know what email address I should use to contact them?”

You might try contacting the particular department you want to join if you’re applying to a larger organization that needs an extension or in situations where the receptionist might not be aware of this kind of information. More details regarding the position and the person in charge of hiring are probably available from the department’s assistant or receptionist.

Frequently asked questions:

How can I speak with the recruiter directly?

Check the organization’s website, LinkedIn profile, or social media accounts if the hiring manager’s contact information is not provided in the job description. You could call the business and ask them directly if you can’t find the hiring manager’s contact information.

Is it okay to a text the hiring manager?

Generally, you shouldn’t send the first text message to a potential employer or job recruiter. Send your initial job application and resume through conventional channels, and then get in touch with the hiring manager by phone or email if needed.

Should I email the hiring manager?

If a hiring manager directly interviewed you, only get in touch with that manager. If you had an interview with someone from a staffing company or in a different position, it was improper to contact the hiring manager at the company. It might be counterproductive to try to go around a staffing firm.

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