Why Dynamic Websites Is Important For Your Business?

  • 20/06/2019

s everything has been evolving from our planet Earth to technology same is going on with websites, apart from guideline to be followed for better SEO, websites which have been and are still mostly static with few perks on its end but the better format is available in stock for those businesses who are growing and on the first steps of it. We are talking about nowadays what people might not be exactly aware of is a dynamic website. Increase in tools for them and plugins floating on the web these days with the expertise of a professional you may achieve the best web solution. Static Website has been there for long, but your customers need new to know and easy to understand less reading what they prefer while they go. A dynamic website is loaded with blogs, white papers, videos, e-books, slideshows, podcasts, news, graphics, and more. In addition, because most websites link to their social media accounts, think of all the items posted to company Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+ pages as extensions of dynamic content on their respective website.

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With so variety of Content Management System (CMS) has made easy for business owners to handle their own website after development by their developers, uploading content, making changes to them, updating events and offers, upload pictures and much more on a single click. So what would your customers prefer the same old content that you have published or new information with informative pictures and explainer videos for a much more easy understanding of your company and products?

6 Reasons to have a dynamic website:

Dynamic Website Traffic

With the best informative content, you increase the number of people getting to it and reading it proved to a good number of visitors. The content may be a blog, informative facts, product/service research, or some curiosity amplifying topics. Better usage of words in your content is must it might be long or short but must be best in providing information. To achieve more traffic of visitors’ use of a blog on the website, and social media content does play an essential role to divert traffic as per their need for information.

Improve your SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) has been a hot topic when we talk about a website being developed and how to grab more visitors to those websites. Discussing on SEO many facts come in such as site-maps, bot algorithms, back-links, directory submission, but; according to HubSpot 2010 Inbound Marketing Lead Generation Report revealed that companies that include a blog to their website have 434% more indexed pages on search engines than companies that don’t have a blog. Which makes a huge difference from other SEO aspects.

Visitors to Buyers

Better content, SEO, blog do get you a good number of visitors but are they good enough that they only read content or just pass by after a couple of clicks for any business, absolutely no. Better presentation of your service/product amplify your goal of visitors becoming your buyers apart from informative content to read so you may provide explainer video of service/product, infographics, links to YouTube where there are a better video explanation and a good number of people reviews which do increase chances of visitors turning into buyers and your brand recognition.

Web Page insights.

After successful website development, blog, a good amount of SEO, you now need proper use of keywords, analytic tools which will let you understand your business from the website in depth. Such as places you are being searched from, what pages are being read the most and some updates to allow search engines to understand that these content are new and have something good for the users as search engines play a role in providing better content for their queries. These analytics help you in the better judgment of your presentation and knowledge of what is needed more to be done for visitors turning into buyers.


All points above play a major role along with this one before jumping to your profit-making that is engaging with your visitors. Have some chat options, comment or email addresses to communicate with your visitors. Place FAQ’s to answer doubts that you might be aware of a visitor may have regarding your service/product which helps you in building trust and bond with your visitor, do not provide false statements that may just provide you short income and may lead to brands fall.

Count the revenue

Why have you been doing so much stuff to increase revenue? All steps required compile to provide you with good revenue generation and branding. There are other options that would add an advantage to provide you with more revenue.

As we know everything has an advantage as well as disadvantage. So static website does have upper hand in some points but the overall dynamic website takes away the win for businesses with marketing tools and social media analytical tools to a road-map to growth.

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