Why Is Data Visualization Important And What Does It Implicate?

  • 27/07/2022

Visualization is the act of placing information into a visual framework, such as a map or graph, to make data simpler for the human brain to understand and draw conclusions from. The main goal of data visualization is to make it easier to see patterns, trends, and outliers in large data sets. Statistical graphics, information visualization, and information graphics are all phrases that are sometimes used interchangeably.

One of the processes in the data science process is data visualization, which asserts that after data has been gathered, processed, and modeled, it must be represented in order to draw conclusions. A component of the larger field of data presentation architecture (DPA), which tries to search, locate, modify, format, and transmit data as effectively as possible, is data visualization.

Importance of data visualization

Data visualization uses visual data to quickly and effectively provide information to all audiences. The method may also help organizations identify the factors that affect customer behavior, spot areas that need improvement or extra attention, make data more remembered by stakeholders, determine the ideal times and places to promote certain items, and anticipate sales volumes.

Common use cases for data visualization:

1. Marketing and sales

Promotion and sales According to the media company, 50% of advertising will be online by 2020. Therefore, marketing departments must closely monitor the sources of online traffic and the methods through which their web assets earn income. It is simple to observe traffic trends over time as a result of marketing activities thanks to data visualization.

2. Politics

The party that each state or district voted for is shown on a geographic map, which is a popular application of data visualization in politics.

3. Healthcare

Choropleth maps are commonly used by healthcare professionals to display crucial health data. In connection to a numerical variable, a choropleth map shows split geographic areas or regions that have been given a certain hue. Professionals can use choropleth maps to visualize changes in a variable, such as the mortality rate of heart disease.

4. Scientists

Scientists and researchers can learn more from their experimental data because of scientific visualization, or SciVis.

5. Finance

Finance When opting to purchase or sell an asset, finance professionals must monitor the performance of their investment choices. Financial experts use candlestick charts as trading tools and to analyze how prices change over time. They also show crucial data about securities, derivatives, currencies, stocks, bonds, and commodities. Data analysts and financial experts can identify patterns by examining how the price has changed over time.

6. Logistics

Shipping companies can use visualization tools to find the most cost-effective international shipping routes.

Big data and data visualization:

The popularity of projects using big data and data analysis has increased, which has definitely increased the significance of visualization. Businesses are using machine learning more and more to gather huge amounts of data, some of which may be hard to understand, take a long time to sort through, or be hard to explain. This process can be sped up by providing information to stakeholders and business owners in a language they can understand.

Pie charts, histograms, and business graphs are some of the most common ways to show large amounts of data. It uses more complex graphics instead, such as heat maps and fever charts. Big data visualization needs powerful computer systems in order to collect raw data, analyze it, and provide graphical representations that humans can use to draw conclusions quickly.

Frequently asked question:

Why is data visualization an important process in data science?

The most significant function of data visualization is the identification of data trends. After all, it’s much easier to spot data trends when you can see all the data instead of reading it in a table.

Why data visualization is important before data analytics?

Business users may utilize data visualization to understand their massive data sets. In the meantime they gain by being able to spot fresh patterns and data mistakes.

What is the main advantage of visual data representation?

We can spot new patterns thanks to data visualization, and we can act quickly based on what we observe. Because visuals and diagrams make it easier for humans to recognize strongly associated characteristics, such patterns make greater sense when graphically depicted.

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