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Hir Infotech, as part of market research services, strives to do the same, providing you with relevant information about market, industry trends, competitors’ strategies, and innovations in the marketplace, among other things, thus helping you formulate effective marketing strategies, make informed decisions, and reach out to your prospective clients far and wide.

Hir Infotech help you gain insights on the target audience, forecasting marketing trends, evaluating competitors’ strategy with a broad range of web research services, thus helping marketing and web research clients make informed decisions.

We collect relevant data from sources like technical specs, market trends, consumer feedback/ratings, general pricing trends and many more.

  • Market Description Survey

  • New Product Concept Analysis Survey

  • Customer Purchase Process / Tracking Survey

  • Product Fulfillment Surveys

  • Competitive Product and Market Positioning Survey

  • Brand Equity Survey

  • Sales Lead Generation Survey

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Accurate  Market and Product Research

Our product research and data analysis are done on focal points including a definition of the target market, determination of the product category, and definition of the problem to solve or opportunity to exploit. We are experts at qualitative exploration analysis, concept testing analysis, brand name research analysis, packaging research analysis, product testing analysis and many more. Our decision analysts help you make your product launch efforts – successful.

Hir Infotech Market and Product Research Services

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