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Social media research, in comparison to alternative research methodologies to qualitative or quantitative research, is a type of research that utilises social media.

Social Media Analytics, Social Media Management Services

Nowadays, almost businesses are using new media platforms instead of traditional to promote their brands, products and organization.

In this scenario, if you are planning market research then you cannot ignore social media platforms as these channels give you opinions of millions of consumers and shoppers. Through social media research, we facilitate you to understand growing industry trends, feedback on your products or services, target audiences' preferences and market status of your strong competitors.

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Social media research can help your business in several ways: from understanding and improve the perception of your brand online; understanding the market for new products; comparing your presence to a competitor, or attracting new audiences through understanding the trends and discussions within your category.

Social media research experts at Hir Infotech can sort through opinions of millions of shoppers, growing industry trends, feedback on your products or services, and market status of your competitors to enable you to take well-informed decisions. Besides exploring social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc., Hir Infotech also researches your industry-specific blogs, forums, and video sharing sites like YouTube, Vimeo, etc. The expertise of our social media research professionals is continuously being leveraged by industry verticals such as eCommerce, IT, Real Estate, Healthcare, and Media.

Brand Monitoring

Get a clear picture of how your brand is viewed and talked about and find ways to strengthen your brand’s presence based on a continuous assessment of online brand conversations.

Online Reputation Management

Identify issues that can potentially harm your online reputation and manage them in a way that promotes a positive brand sentiment.

Influencer Identification and Performance Measurement

Know whom to collaborate with to wield influence over target audiences and achieve better marketing results.

Latest Social Trends

Our ability to integrate top-line social data points with traditional market research help brands to analyze, benchmark, and enhance their social media efforts.

Campaign Management and Reporting

Find out how your campaigns are performing and identify areas for improvement based on key metrics such as awareness, engagement, consumer sentiment, website traffic, and more.

Consumer Behavior Analysis

Tune into consumer voices to identify what they want, expect, and care about, and gain a better understanding of which consumer segments to target to improve marketing effectiveness.


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Social media analytics made for Agencies, Brands, and Influencer

From the smallest independent store to the largest multi-national brand, every business knows they need to be on social media. Having the right insight to conduct social media analysis means you can benchmark your efforts and compare different strategies. You can see what is working and what isn’t to develop better campaigns.

Social Media Analytics (SMA)

Social media analytics is the practice of gathering data from social media websites and analyzing that data using social media analytics tools to make business decisions. The most common use of social media analytics is to mine customer sentiment to support marketing and customer service activities.

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