Points of Interest (POI) Datasets

Discover the vast landscape of Points of Interest (POI) with Hir Infotech. We serve you a rich tapestry of precise POI datasets, harvested from the vast realm of the web and updated periodically. Experience comprehensive coverage of over 24M POIs in North America and dive into insights crucial for navigation, travel guidance, geo-marketing, and an array of location-based services

Why Choose Hir Infotech

1. Legacy of Distinction

Hir Infotech stands as an epitome of unparalleled web data products, backed by decades of mastery

2. Vast Repository

Our reservoir brims with over 100 million POIs worldwide, echoing the sheer scale and depth of our offerings.

3. Adaptable to Your Pulse

Whether you seek periodic refreshes or specialized coverage, our flexibility resonates with every unique need.

4. Unbeatable Value Proposition

Time efficiency, pocket-friendly rates, and unswerving reliability set us apart in the data world

Key Features & Benefits

Hir Infotech boasts unparalleled worldwide coverage, with a promise to cater to additional countries as per your requests

Ensuring you rely on every byte, our meticulous approach guarantees the accuracy of the information

Realize the power of up-to-date data. Our commitment spans from quarterly updates to even weekly refreshes based on your specifications

Unleashing Possibilities with POI

1. Retail Renaissance

Reimagine your marketing strategies by leveraging POI data to pinpoint advertising targets and optimize store locations

2. Navigation Nirvana

Integrate our POIs to enrich destination searches and understand the nuances of proximate location data

3. Feast on Food and Dining

Elevate logistics with POI insights, streamlining delivery routes, inventory management, and crucial decision-making

4. Real Estate Revolution

Empower property decisions by harnessing POI data, informing investment and construction dynamics Whatever your challenge, our POI datasets are your solution. Ascend to unmatched success with our industry-leading product


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Chart your success journey with Hir Infotech. With an illustrious team spanning data experts, software prodigies, and customer-centric specialists, our promise resonates with reliability, top-tier data quality, and an unbeaten project implementation pace. Forge a partnership that champions efficiency and trust

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