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When it comes to creating something new, data is essential. In order to assist our customers in future-proofing their businesses, we gather a wide range of information about the profession.

Hir Infotech is a leader in data collection with a state-of-the-art facility.

Data collection is the process of gathering and measuring a large capacity of information based on unique variables then, using an established and credible systematic approach.

We help our clients make significant strategic decisions with confidence, by providing them with reliable and timely data. We understand that YOU need accurate/error-free/relevant data, collected from a highly reliable source(s) and documented properly so that it will be instantly available to the respective department of your organization when they need the most.

We offer a wide range of data collection services with the best quality results provided by our outsourcing data collection services. We have served clients from countries as UK, USA, Canada, Germany, Australia, etc. Get an outsourcing partner company in India to offshore your online data collection work with high efficiency. Avail the benefits of our affordable service prices today!

Data is a key source for any invention, collecting the data from reliable sources timely is important to preserve its essence and usability. We collect a wide range of data from various fields with the highest accuracy. Hir Infotech offers highly leveraged data collection, categorization and enhancement services with fully automated and scalable service

we offer various ranges of exclusive sales leads, lists, and targeted data solutions at affordable prices. while creating a database of million’s records, it takes expertise with diversification to capture and maintain this scope of data

Since data has become such a valuable thing for any type of knowledge in the era of deep learning. The image plays an important role in the process of knowledge gain. We try to change the visual information into digital via images that can be stored, edited, and displayed.

We also prefer to outsource data collection to get the best result in the business. It is the best way so far to be efficient in the business.

We identify and obtain access to the data within Companies need product review data to do many things; for example, they conduct market analyses, competitor analyses, product development, and many more. We provide every type of product data, whether it is related to details of the product, pricing of the product, or review of the product.your source

Today, most of the information is collected through digital channels, and plenty of apps are available on the market research service. Health care involves a diverse set of public and private data collection systems, including health surveys, medical records, and administrative and billing records. we have a team that works especially in the healthcare data collection section only.

Collecting text data or data gathering from various source and styling it systematically in one form this process is known as text data collection. The quality of text data in the database paly an important role. The accurate and written information can take you to the top. And that accuracy is assured in HIR INFOTECH.


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Quality of Service: We mine and extract raw data from a highly reliable source(s) and process it to make it relevant, accurate, and deliver ON TIME, in MS Excel, Word, and other format

Highly Trained Team: Our highly experienced team of web researchers, web scrapers, and programmers can mine and extract highly relevant data for YOU so that you connect with your prospects fast, saving your precious time, energy, and costs (almost by 50%).

We offer high precision online data collection services to get your desired quality results. The experts with experience and expertise possess high quality skills of data collection work.

Access the best of the best insurance data collection services at a highly competitive rate

  • Collect Insurance Claims Data
  • Collect Lost Data of Insurance Claims
  • Data Collection of Customers
  • Data Collection of Claims Maturity
  • Data Collection of Processed Claims
  • Collecting Data for Analytical Purpose
  • Insurance Data Collection from Database
  • Critical Claims Data Collection
  • Expired Insurance Data Collection

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