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Data Mining enables the possession of data, which is not enough. It is essential to understand the dataset collected, clean the data, collate it, context it and then utilize it in making sound and timely business decisions. Such a managed data service is known as Data as a Service or DaaS.

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What is data as a service?

Data as a service (DaaS) is a cloud strategy service used to enable smooth accessibility of critical enterprise datasets in a well-maintained, secure and affordable manner. DaaS depends on the principle of acquisition of useful data that can be supplied to the businesses on demand, irrespective of any organizational or geographical boundaries between the data service providers and data users.

DaaS eliminates redundancy and reduces associated expenditures by mining and mapping enterprise web scraping data into an accessible format to make the dataset appropriate and valuable for a variety of downstream services. Ultimately, vital data is stored in a warehouse, allowing access to utilize and alter by multiple users.

How is Data as a Service advantageous for an Enterprise?

In an Enterprise, where there are various departments with different operations, a lot of times the departments either depend on internal or external data for their strategic or critical decision making. In the fully managed enterprise web scraping services, DaaS plays a very significant role. The enterprise web scraping data that is extracted is exchanged through the DaaS engine. This facilitates the users to not only possess the dataset in a common format but also operate to create, read, update and even delete.

Data as a Service equips the business with the below benefits –

  • Real-time data
  • Timely updating the extracted data
  • Cleansed to reduce the data waste
  • Properly segmented datasets
  • Costs down the data service
  • A time-saver

DaaS usually offers new structural data designs, like private clouds inside a public cloud. Data is usually located in interactive databases inside corporate data centers. Some typical business applications where data is integrated include customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), e-commerce and supply chain systems. The integrated enterprise data service shared is applied for business analytical purposes.

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Before acquiring the enterprise database, each decision-maker or the customer needs to be aware of what they are dealing with. Hir Infotech’s Enterprise web scraping consultants have presented few major data service challenges and offered respective solutions here. Understanding this, an enterprise will be able to tame the scary huge datasets without letting any mislead in building a data-driven business.

Challenge #1: Insufficient knowledge and acceptance of DaaS

It has been observed that often Enterprises fail to understand the basics of web scraping like, the purpose of data mining, its benefits, the infrastructure needed, etc. Without a clear picture, a data service project risks being unsuccessful. As a consequence, businesses may waste lots of time and resources. Also, if their respective employees don’t understand the value of the web scraping for enterprise, they tend to resist it and hinder the business’s progress.

Our Solution:

To ensure understanding and acceptance at all levels, Hir Infotech motivates IT departments to organize numerous training and workshops. We make sure that the implementation and use of the new DaaS solution are monitored and controlled properly.

Challenge #2: Dilemma in choosing suitable data service technologies

Businesses can easily get confused about the variety of Data service technologies available nowadays. If not guided appropriately, there are chances that a company can choose poorly, without a clear view of what is actually needed.

Our Solution:

Hir Infotech offers professional help to the customers in the right way to go. With our enterprise web data service experts’ assistance, our customers are able to work out a strategy and, based on that, choose the required technology.

Challenge #3: High cost

Data as a Service implementation projects incur a lot of expenses for the businesses. An on-premises solution incurs costs of new hardware, additional recruits (administrators and developers), setup, configuration and maintenance of new software.

Even with a cloud-based data service solution, a business needs to pay a lump sum for cloud services, datasets solution and development along with setup for scheduled maintenance.

Our Solution:

Hir Infotech believes in understanding and analyze customer’s specific technological requirements and business goals and then choose a course of action. For instance, customers looking for flexibility are offered cloud-services, whereas customers with extremely rigid security requirements opt for on-premises.

We also provide customized enterprise data service solutions with a hybrid setup, where partial datasets are stored and processed in the cloud and partial on-premises, which is very cost-effective.

We also restrain the datasets through Data lakes that have proved beneficial as a low-cost storage opportunity for the data that is not needed on an immediate basis.

Challenge #4: Complexity of the data quality

The enterprise web scraping service gathers data from multiple sources. Massive databases give rise to the problem of data integration, as the data extracted are from diverse sources and that too in a variety of different formats.

Additionally, another challenge in data complexity is unwanted or unreliable data. The data scraped may contain incorrect information or duplicate itself. As an outcome, the data wrangled could be of inferior quality can hamper business decisions or opportunities.

Our Solution:

Hir Infotech’s DaaS facilitates a fully managed web scraping service in authoritatively sourcing the data, transforming unstructured and massive data into high quality, perfectly usable and organized information. Our highly qualified and experienced team focuses on assuring the data quality by cleansing it methodically and on-time scheduled maintenance, as per open international standards.

Challenge #5: Data Service Security

Often, businesses neglect their data security off till later stages.

Our Solution:

Hir Infotech insists their customers on prioritizing on data security. It is initiated at the stage of designing the architecture of the enterprise web scraping services or during data storage in the warehouse.

Challenge #6: Transforming huge datasets into valuable insights

Enterprise web scraping service fetches datasets crawling through a million of websites simultaneously, which requires additional accuracy in data mining, code programming and maintaining a data storage. As the data collected is multi-layered, it becomes a challenge in converting the data collected into appreciated insights for the business.

Our Solution:

Hir Infotech believes that a systematic approach towards the enterprise web scraping service enables our Data as a Service to ensure that nothing falls out of scope and the data integrated gives the needful insights. We put our best in understanding the business goals and through our hassle-free services, fully managed and professional outlook makes us more reliable in appending huge datasets into valuable insights.

Challenge #7: Difficulties in upscaling

The agility of the data extracted is one of the most severe challenges of enterprise DaaS. It is about increasing the complexity of the data without hindering the system’s performance.

Our Solution:

The solution lies in a well-designed architecture for the customer’s enterprise data service. Hir Infotech offers the best high-speed Enterprise web scraping experience for DaaS, keeping the future upscaling in mind. Our highly efficient built-in servers are capable of supporting during additional workloads, which is beneficial for web crawling services for Enterprise, which as a result allows the customers to upscale the data and also stay in budget.

Challenge #8: Silo Datasets

A database that is not accessible or readable widely in the organization becomes a challenge that leads to animosity between the departments. It can also hamper the efficiency and growth of the business.

Our Solution:

Hir Infotech provides a consolidated dataset in the most common formats that can be viewed, accessed and linked by various departments of the organization. This helps in reducing the data warehouse space as well.

Being reviewed the common challenges that can be dealt with, Hir Infotech facilitates a fully managed, customized, well-organized and thought-through architecture for the enterprise Data as a Service.


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Hir Infotech’s DaaS experience

Hir Infotech specializes in Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) with our expertise in converting unstructured data into appreciated insights, facilities are Quick, hassle-free, flexible, scalable, reliable, on-time, well-organized and optimized Data as a Service to our Enterprise Customers. DaaS has proved to be beneficial to our enterprise customers in the below cases.

Hotel, Hospitals & Airlines

DaaS for continuous global market visions.

E-Commerce & Retails

DaaS for product pricing, brand image and end-user’s experiences.

Content Aggregation

DaaS for market data and financial statements from different websites.

Sales & Product Overview

DaaS for market research and building sales strategies.

Academic Research

Social Media

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Crawl Complex Websites

We have the required knowledge and web crawler tools to crawl data from different kind of websites, including ecommerce, news job boards, social network forums, IP blacklisting and more.

High Speed Web Crawling

Specially for heavy workloads, we have engineered our crawling platform that is capable in scraping ten thousands of websites and web pages including anti-scrapping measures per day. We have a highly sophisticated web crawling services suite.

Data in Any Format

We provide one of the best web crawling services around the world. You can choose output in any format of your choose like Excel, XML, JSON, CSV, PDF, SQL etc. We can also get it delivered in Google Drive, Dropbox, FTP or Cloud Storage.

ETL Support & Assistance

We do web scrawling using latest technology that allows us to give you custom web scarping from websites, including high-performance, custom filtering, de-duplication, product matching, analytics and insights and other convenient solutions.

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