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We at Hir Infotech offer on-site and off-site form processing solutions. Quality and timeliness are guaranteed by our experience, and our youthful, talented team of professionals delivers form processing services that are high-quality, economical, and fast.

We are operational 24/7 and conduct form processing within an industry best turnaround time.

Outsourcing form processing to Hir Infotech is a surefire way to increase the productivity of your organization in the most cost-effective manner. Forms processing service works as a savior for you. It will not only streamline forms processing in your organization but also save you time.

At Hir Infotech, we offer accurate and reliable Forms Processing Services, which can help your organization negate human errors by automating the data collection while keeping the costs in check. How? Forms processing is a specialized service that extracts data from different fields of entry and converts it into required electronic formats. The electronic data is then securely stored and made accessible from across multiple locations. Hir Infotech can help you to efficiently process and store large volumes of data in a safe and secure manner.

We have worked with different clients and on different projects and processed a considerable number of forms for them in the past few years. We can scale up when required to process even a higher number of forms than we do currently. We maintain nearly 100% accuracy while achieving all of that.

Businesses and companies deal with a variety of forms like legal paperwork, economic documents, various tax statements, vouchers, Healthcare Claims, Purchase Orders, and much more. Therefore it is important to have a well-organized system for easy retrieval of the forms for any business.

At Hir Infotech we have a great combination of human talent and the latest technology to process market research forms data. If required, we employ OCR tools to extract data from your market research forms. As a part of our Market Research Forms Processing services, we will organize and index your market forms data in a digital format of your choice like MS Excel, MS Word, MySQL etc.

We follow a quality-driven forms processing procedure that precisely caters to your customized requirements. Additionally, we ensure that the insurance forms are accurately processed without any errors coupled with top-of-the-line output standards.

Our medical forms processing services help you digitize crucial medical information in a convenient format. We understand the value of accurate information of your patients and take care to provide you the accurate information. We will provide you categorized data so you can access easily. We ensure that data will be confidential and no one accesses it. We offer our services at a competitive rate without compromising the quality of work.

Hir Infotech is one of the pioneers in the industry for providing top graded student application forms data entry and processing services, acknowledges the requirements of each client. Thus, we always maintain transparency with our clients so that they can keep a track on the flow of our work processes.

Every form derived from real estate transactions can be effectively archived by our data management experts. Legal and statutory documents will be handled with full compliance to existing laws of the land on property foreclosure process.

Regardless of the mode that forms are or will be generated, our team can always work its way to extract useful data from real estate forms.


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Increase Your Productivity with 24/7 Form Processing Services from Hir Infotech

We at Hir Infotech, use various automated and manual processes to interpret, capture, process and transform disconnected data forms such as machine print, handprint, and cursive into assets for your business.

Whether your forms are in written or printed form, in a structured or scattered layout, Hir Infotech will seamlessly perform processing. We are operational 24/7 and conduct form processing within an industry best turnaround time. Outsourcing form processing to Hir Infotech is a surefire way to increase the productivity of your organization in the most cost-effective manner.

We keep your data secure and confidential with our stringent privacy policy

All organizations must inevitably deal with different varieties of forms - Invoices, Vouchers, Medical Claims, Insurance Papers, Financial and Legal Documents, Purchase Orders, Tax Statements and many more. A streamlined network for easy retrieval facilities and structured form processing services is hence important for organizations.

At Hir Infotech, we help our clients to convert essential information stored in forms into an easy-to-access electronic format so that they can run their business efficiently. Our professionals can handle effectively any type of handwritten and typed or printed forms, whether they need to perform online form processing or offline forms of data entry. The forms processing services provided by us enable you to digitize your hard copy forms precisely and access them anywhere in the world using the internet.

Why should you choose us?

First, we analyze your method of collecting data, and once we are done with our analysis, then, the suggested procedure is implemented. Finally, our experts revise the whole process and make the necessary changes that are required. You can always expect quality results from us, we never let down your expectation on us, also with your expected time. If you choose us over others, you will get some listed benefits that others won’t give you.

We have highly skilled experts present for every different work .our team is highly motivated and capable of providing you with superior and satisfying service every time you visit.

Once you choose us, you will automatically realize the reduction in time processing and money spent on the data storehouse. Besides this, our team will decide on the management and design by keeping your budget in focus.

We take it as our responsibility to keep your data information private and confidential. And make sure that your data information should not be leaked and misused by someone. We give 100% security to your data information.

We believe in providing full-quality work to our clients. We follow an excellent form processing procedure that exactly serves your customized requirements. In addition, our priority focus is to ensure the form are accurately processed with no error, and clients get the top standard output.

We work for the trust you show us. our data check team goes through quality checks before the data entry and after the data entry to ensure zero mistakes and errors in the outcomes.

We know the importance of your time and also respect it. Our team ensure that all your processing requirement are met on time. This is not for only once. We try to provide our best every time you visit us.

Hir Infotech's Hiring Model

This model is an ideal fit for long-term projects or where the requirements are quite clear.

This model is ideal for short-term projects where you only require "X" number of hours in a month / month-on-month basis.

This model is ideal for trial and for Ad-hoc requirements. For tasks such maintenance or upgrading the services, this is a perfect fit.

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