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Data mining is the process of collecting data from a wide range of sources and analyzing this information into useful business intelligence. Just share with us what data do you need and we will collect it using our data mining service for you.

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In today’s competitive business environment, it has become a mandate for companies to generate and store large amounts of data, which will help them in making future business decisions. That is where our Data Scraping experts serve you in finding relevant information from the bulk data, transforming into useful information, making it an easily accessible digital format.

Our world-class Data Mining services equip your organizations or businesses in elevating your viability, customer servicing, managing risk inputs and marketing campaigns. Our exhaustive knowledge of data mining processes, highly-skilled team, along with cutting-edge technologies makes us your most excellent choice for Data Mining services.


Our Data Mining Services

As one of the preeminent data mining service provider company, Hir Infotech can help you with a wide range of research areas over the web/internet.

If you are new in business, our Data Mining services will help you extract the essential information regarding the customer segmentation, market trends, tracking competitor’s growth and so on.

Our Data Mining services help you migrate data from one location to another, like Gathering data from websites to excel spreadsheets and Pre-processing your warehouse.

Our Data Scraping tools can enable you to perform Data cleaning/scrubbing, online synchronization and data appending, which will remove unwanted data and retain the needful.

Our Data Scraping techniques equip you in customer identifying customers, creating customer pool and maintaining them.

The most efficient and cost-effective way to build your marketing value is through E-mail list building, wherein you can approach a broad audience. Our experts help you in E-mail list building for the targeted audience to enhance your business.

Our Data Mining services cover deriving high-quality information from the available text, images or other multimedia formats.

Our Data Mining process for different website's products, prices and descriptions aid your Services, Products and Branding campaign.

Our Web Data Mining services provide you the ease of extracting large no. of information and help in building patterns and models that result in more business value.

Our data scraping experts assist you with sentiment analysis by gathering data on user’s reviews and ratings from various social media websites.

Our on-demand data mining services enable you to study the scenario on product categorization and competitive prices.

Our highly skilled team can incorporate AI with Data mining for fraud detection and risk management, especially for finance businesses.

We expertise in the extraction of data from metadata as well.

Data Mining Process

  1. Understanding Business Goals
  2. Analyzing Data resources
  3. Gather raw data and transform into a well-organized structure
  4. Data Modelling
  5. Assessment of mining results
  6. Deployment

Why Choose Hir Infotech for Data Mining Projects?

Hir Infotech aims at providing the best enterprise-level data mining services by continuously improving the over-all user experience.

Our Data Mining professionals analyze your enterprise data to accumulate valuable statistics and insights that benefit you in strategic and operational business decisions. Here are a few points that make us different from others


We have strict data quality management systems that ensure that the data scraping results are of high quality and accurate.

With our Data mining services, we assure your business of an operational cost reduction.

Data security for us is of utmost priority. We guarantee that your data is safe with us and will not share with anyone under any condition.

With our up-to-date technologies, our data scraping services would give you real-time data.

We believe in regular communication and our services are transparent.

Our Data Mining services are flexible enough to align with your requirements and business goals.


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Industries That We Serve

Our data mining services aid you with the best clinical practices, updates in the legal systems, regulatory data, improvements in your operation and services.

We help your company in data scraping of financial reports, customer management, taxation data and financial analysis.

Our data mining services aid your business with reports on cost reduction, product specifications, risk management, innovative technologies and supply chain data analysis.

We assist you in product assortment analysis, merchandising data, pricing trends and management of customer base.

Our data mining services help you in business analysis, start-up, tracking competitive offers and taking strategic business decisions.

Product categorization, brand monitoring, sentiment analysis, customer segmentation, marketing campaigns and salesforce management are the few aspects where our data scraping services are applied.

Our experienced data scraping team enables you to extract data on customer behavior, buying patterns, property evaluation data, auctions and so on.

Hir Infotech's Hiring Model

This model is an ideal fit for long-term projects or where the requirements are quite clear.

This model is ideal for short-term projects where you only require "X" number of hours in a month / month-on-month basis.

This model is ideal for trial and for Ad-hoc requirements. For tasks such maintenance or upgrading the services, this is a perfect fit.

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