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Alternative Data is the information floating on the internet which is not necessarily published by the company. Analyzing these alternative data sets yields additional insights that complement regular information. It has proved to be a new source of data science which is rapidly gaining traction. 

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The alternative database is gathered directly from the various sources and in a scientific manner. We strategically evaluate these types of data to interpret present business scenarios and make future investment decisions.

The following are a few examples/sources that constitute the Alternative Data

  • Customer Sentiments – What a customer thinks about the product
  • Climate/Weather updates – Weather patterns helps to understand its effects on the business that are mostly agricultural or seasonal
  • Market fluctuations – The customer’s behavior and the new market trends
  • Internet of Things – Public data surfing on the internet
  • Reviews and Ratings – Stakeholders’ views on the business
  • News – Latest national and international news, Government announcements help predict the directions of profitable investments
  • Geographical location – Effect of geo-location on business progress by the foot traffic
  • Advertisements – Change in advertising strategies or new launches
  • Surveys – To be aware of the client’s and customer’s mindset and preferences

The Benefits of using Alternative data

The Frequency

The traditional data serves the past data on a quarterly or annual basis but alternative data provides updated and real-time information

Provides an Edge

Alternative data gives richer insights in measuring present performance to make future forecasts

Provides a complete picture

Alternative data helps create a fuller picture of the businesses’ long-term prospects

Diverse inputs

Alternative database provide input from various sources, thus helps to create a fresh vision about the business scenario

Why Need Experts to Gather and Analyze Alternative Data?

Hir Infotech aims at providing the best alternative data service by continuously improving the over-all user experience.

Handling Your Challenges is our Expertise

Scraping the right alternative datasets is very vital. It is not viable to test every single alternative database available out there. We offer a team of highly experienced professionals for web scraping the alternative data.

Structuring the Alt data

The data is available is unstructured, therefore we apply natural language processing for text and images require a superior processing through Artificial Intelligence

Data Attribution

An ethical implication of the process for gathering the data, storing it right and sharing it morally is necessary. We also administer the correct usage of the data

Data Source Integrity

The alternative data sources include risks on reliability, repute and endurance. Our experts make sure that the risks are minimum

Using the Newest statistics

The alternative datasets are limited and can be historical, so we apply back testing strategy to fetch the useful data

Content Accuracy

We provide web scraped database which is dependable and normalized datasets and lay it into a format that is useful

Non-biased Approach

We are aware that it is important not to influence the alternative data collected and analyzed by any personal views

Data Veracity

We make sure that the alternative data analysis is complete, accurate and not sparse

Non-public Information

We oblige that the information scraped from web is public as accessing data in itself does not essentially create it as public information


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We Make the Process Better for You!

We provide the best services in Alternative Data web scraping. Our highly trained team specializes in converting unstructured alternative databases into superior, cohesive, perfectly operational and organized information.

Real-time Alternative Data

We make sure that the data collected is up-to-the-minute. It is very important that the alternative data is updated and fetched frequently. Using Historical data are case-based

Maintaining the Alternative Data

We store the gathered data in the formats convenient for the customers in a secured manner

Categorized Datasets

It is crucial that the data collected from various data sources are relevant to the customer’s requirement. Our team analyzes and presents the data that is usable and provides suitable insights to the customer

Saves Time and Costs

We primarily focus on meeting our customer’s requirements. We are definite on reducing costs for our clients

Web Scraping Services

Our techniques and services are cost-effective, user friendly and clever. We provide top web scraping services with efficient team and infrastructure

Customized Data Services

Our seven-plus years of experience has taught us to understand the customer’s prospects and requirements first. We provide on-time results which offer pertinent visions

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