Managed Data Service

We bring an organized end-to-end managed data service right from the procurement, cleansing, merging, storage and circulation of critical business information. Our Managed Data service benefit our customers with sorted, complete and high-quality data at a reduction of up to 50% in their costs.

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Our Managed Data Services will enhance your data quality under measurable service levels (SLAs). We support the progress of your business, permitting you to focus resources on core business activities.

We give your business managed data services in timely access, outstanding quality of data sets covering every essential aspect. Our Managed IT Service offers flexibility and the width of our customized services include any size of enterprise data requirement.

We provide managed IT services through our latest technology, infrastructure that lets you create a resolution that minimizes data cleansing, storing, security and maintenance. Your business will possess immediate access to the data to support expansion and operations.

Even if the data is of a minimal amount, you must consider the value of the information. Our managed data services provide you the advantage of preparing and executing a structured database for you. This facility would not only keep your data safe but also ease management and marketing tasks.

Managing your data may be a very vital part of your business but might not be the primary business. Through our managed data services, we analyze the technical knowledge of your team and accordingly assist in your day to day operations for better use of resources.

The prime motive of our Managed IT services is not to put your valuable data in jeopardy. The database may contain private clientele, customer data, financial information and other company information, which, if not protected, can damage the business too.

Not backing up your data would mean that if they're is a critical scenario and the data is lost, the business will need rebuilding from scratch. Our Managed IT services equip you with a systematic data backup plan and storage of the data in an off-site location.

If your business does not require the data services today, it is practical to plan further. Our Managed IT services facilitate you to store and maintain an organized database. The managed data services would equip you with data for making decisions on customers, investments and strategies in a more competitive environment.

For future business expansion, it is essential to plan your future and prepared for a responsive and technologically sound data infrastructure. To truly gain advantage and develop to leverage your data assets, you must invest today. Opting for our top class Managed Data Services will help your business to grow more efficiently and securely, at a fraction of the cost of managing these challenges in-house.

For businesses that operate from various locations, access to off-site data without any glitch becomes necessary. Our fully Managed Cloud Databases and Data Services help you in the application of the best ways to manage and access crucial information.

Our Capability

  • Consolidation of Database on a common platform with complete transparency
  • Managed data services eliminate in-house infrastructure and data maintenance
  • Data cleaning Expertise
  • Automated enforcement of business requirements
  • Deep Data Expertise

Your Benefits

  • Business operations with greater flexibility, visibility and control
  • Reduction in costs and Receive regular maintenance
  • Reduces risk by facilitating over sightedness and no compromise with quality
  • Data access is secured, controlled and auditable
  • Resolve any problem quickly and efficiently


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Industries We Offer Our Services

Financial Services

Insights driven data management for financial institutions.

Government Agencies

Managing IT services and tackling data breaches and other security concerns.


Storing, securing and managing data for various health improvement benefits, patients records and treatments.


Managed data services for cloud management, quick access and student performance analysis.


Managed IT services for security, communications, productivity reports and other customizable functions.


Advanced managed data services for advertisement, product engineering and market share.

Services We Provide

Managed Service Data Center

Big Data Managed Services

Financial Data Services

Managed It Services

Database Management Services

Managed Database

Managed Data Service Solution

Database Managed Services

Cloud Managed Services

Database Administrator Services

Managed Cloud Services

Managed Services

Cloud Databases and Fully Managed Data Services

Data Management Services

Fully Managed Data Services

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Fixed Cost

This model is an ideal fit for long-term projects or where the requirements are quite clear.


This model is ideal for short-term projects where you only require “X” number of hours in a month / month-on-month basis.

Pay As You Go

This model is ideal for trial and for Ad-hoc requirements. For tasks such maintenance or upgrading the services, this is a perfect fit.

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