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Because of the effective data management services provided by Hir Infotechs, a company situated in the United States was able to completely cleanse and improve their preexisting unwanted and dublicate database in just 28 days.


The customer had a lot of data that needed to be supplemented and cleaned up. Due of this, this project was given to experienced and top qualified members of our company.  To ensure accuracy, the team needed to be briefed on the specific needs of the customer. The retraining took a lot of time because of the project's complexity and presented a challenge for the team because of the quick turnaround.


Hir Infotech team dedicated its best people to this project in order to ensure it would be finished on time and to the highest standards. The team used LinkedIn to double check the accuracy of the client's Salesforce contact information and an in-house built tool to check the correctness of the email addresses. The team was able to collect more accurate counts of active email addresses thanks to this technique, which also helped in data enrichment. More than 800 contacts each day were cleaned and enriched. The team's efforts paid off, and they were able to beat their deadline despite the extra time they'd spent practicing.

Hir Infotechs' Quality Assurance (QA) team completed numerous checks at various points in the project to make sure that all duplicate entries were removed, that all contact information was correct and up-to-date, and that the project adhered to the client's rules and quality benchmark.


  • Data cleansing, prevented our Email marketing team from sending duplicate emails to prospects. To free up their time and energy for a bigger contribution to our company's expansion. And help us to boost productivity
  • Having clean, precise consumer data ultimately helped our business make better decisions and pave the way for long-term commercial growth.
  • We were able to increase the effectiveness of our customer acquisition efforts as a result of the data cleansing process.


The Hir Infotech team overcame numerous obstacles during the project's duration and completed the work in just 28 days, with a perfect score for quality assurance. The client was so impressed with the work of Hir Infotech Solutions' data management team that they gave the company two further projects. The result was a beneficial business relationship between the client and Hir Infotech Solutions that will last for years to come.

From the client

I learned about Hir Infotech via one of my friends who has already used their services. Although I wasn't really sure I should go with this or not. However, we somehow ended up giving them our project. And now that I've chosen to work with them, I'm glad I did because I'm very happy with the results. Their work ethic and commitment give you the confidence that they will never let you down; no matter the difficulty of the assignment you assign them, they always exceed your expectations.

From The Client

"The analysis delivered helped us take tactical decisions that would be beneficial for our business. We look forward to a long-term relationship."

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