Python Scraping

The Organization is the primary decisioning platform for investment property and casualty insurers. It allows for the submission of documents as well as the automatic answering of underwriting questions based on machine learning.


They were losing a significant amount of money since they had to manually gather data from a wide variety of web sources, which had an adverse effect on their bottom line. The previous method of data gathering was slowed significantly by the presence of human error, which caused its completion to take days or even weeks. Another difficult task is making sure that all of the data is organized in the same way.


Hir Infotech offered the needed consulting services in order to scrape data from several websites. Used a collaborative approach to develop the Scraping Script, which included scheduling the scraping job, integrating the data with the existing system, maintaining the software scripts, performing quality assurance and bug fixes, managing the server and infrastructure, and always being ready to help you.


  • Consistent supply of data that is correct, thoroughly cleaned, and on time
  • The risk was minimized by professional team consultation
  • Potential to gather billions of data points from anywhere
  • Productivity enhancement with coverage from Several internet sources
  • Lower overall operating costs


It was challenging as well as interesting at the same time to work with them. The idea of using Python scraping to get an advantage in business is not new, but data efficiency is now the foundation of competition across many industries. You can receive sales-qualified leads straight inside your database by using python scraping. Although the data we had to scrape was huge and mixed up as well, we did it on time with the help of our expert team.

From the client

Until now, we have worked on various projects with Hir Infotech, and they have always provided us with the exact result we needed. When we have a problem, we know we can count on Hir Infotech to help us solve it easily and quickly.

From The Client

"The analysis delivered helped us take tactical decisions that would be beneficial for our business. We look forward to a long-term relationship."

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